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Gamerzhost.de Squad Game Server Hosting (per Slot or Dedicated)

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Hosters Server-Farm is in Frankfurt/Germany which gives good Pings in Europe



  • Squad Servers starting from 50ct € / slot (5% Discound if Hoster in Servername)
  • Squad servers starting from 10 Slots
  • Gaming Root Server available
  • Acelerated Premium Serverfarm Class 3 (TÜV / ICE/ISO 27001 and ISO 9001)
  • Monthly contract, can be canceled 3 Weeks before each period
  • Payment by PayPal, PaySafe, SEPA Transfer
  • Easy Admin Web-Interface
  • TS Server for 15 Cents per Slot or VServer starting with 2,99€


The Web Administration is in english, only the main webpage is German only (yet)

Rent Squad Gameserver (from 50 Cents/Slot)
Rent Teamspeak (from 2€/10 User)

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i'd like to highlight their EXCELLENT support

ansowered most tickets within 30 minutes- sometimes even at night 1:30 :D

solved problems in a blink of an eye and even called me back if they had questions or to give me a status report


Technical issues can (and di occured as the game was new to them) but support is either good or not!

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I can still recommend those guys, we are still running our servers there and did not regret changing from another hoster

- Great performance

- Great Service

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14 minutes ago, remi said:

Bump! How are your servers going? Whoever got a server @ gamerzhost still.

Full Contact (OP is clan founder) and their partners have 2 well populated servers up and running (see Battlemetrics.com), still hosted on gamerzhost.de. I play regularly on both of them and they're running smoothly. I didn't read about any complaints on our internal clan board, so I'd guess the servers are doing fine since we rented them.

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