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Tournament Mode

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Configuring Tournament Mode
 Tournament Mode is a special Ruleset that can be enabled on a per-server basis.  It's intended to allow a highly configurable ruleset that allows competitive communities the ability to modify certain settings in the game as well as ensure a higher level of fairness.  Note: A server in tournament mode cannot be licensed.  
 To enable tournament mode on your server, add the following to DefaultGame.ini (NOTE: Your server must be restarted for these ini changes to take effect):

Alpha 6



Alpha 7    




Client Setting Enforcement

To assist tournaments enforcing certain clientside configuration settings, a server in Tournament Mode can enforce certain settings requirements for players.  These restrictions are defined as an array of settings and the min and max value (inclusive) that the client must have set to play on the server.  Should they fail to meet the requirements, their clients will exit with an error message.

To set a requirement, you need to add the following to DefaultGame.ini:

    +Restrictions=(Setting="ExampleSetting", Min=0, Max=1)
    +Restrictions=(Setting="ExampleSetting2", Min=0, Max=1)

You can find the settings to restrict inside of DefaultScalability.ini.  For example, if you wanted to restrict the foliage View Distance to max, you do the following:


   +Restrictions=(Setting="r.ViewDistanceScale", Min=1, Max=1)

You can have any number of restrictions, as long as you don't forget the +.  



Future Tournament Mode settings will be documented in this thread. 

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