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8 hours ago, StrangeZak said:

Real name is Zakary Strange, and for right now im just a general purpose programmer 


Hey Zak, so what is one thing that you would say is strange or quirky about yourself?


Like how Sgt. Ross & Oxy have great big beards or that one dev (I don't know the name of or he even works on Squad) that likes to down 100 beers while binge-watching through every season of The Simpsons.

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Totally forgot about these from Gamescon 2016 xD

*cue slideshow*











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On 08/04/2016 at 8:19 AM, Results45 said:


Official List of Developers


Project Leads (11)

  • Will “Merlin” Stahl - Project Manager / Founder [USA -> Canada]
  • Chris “Irontaxi” Greig - Executive Producer/Mapper [Canada]
  • Alastair “Chuc” Sew Hoy - Lead Animator / Media Manager [Australia -> Canada]
  • Tom “Z-trooper” Jensen - Lead Artist [Denmark]
  • Garret “RoyAwesome” Fleenor - Lead Programmer [USA]
  • Drew "Oxygencube" Fletcher - Lead Mapper/Level Designer [USA]
  • Justin “Ghostdance” Vanson - Lead Environment Artist [UK]
  • Bruno “Bruno” Gorostiaga - Lead Effects Artist [Paraguay]
  • Dustin “SgtRoss” Ross - Producer / Lead Game Designer (+ Military Adviser) [USA]
  • Norbert “Norby” Rothermel - Lead QA / Asst. Producer [Germany-Canada]
  • Anders “Anders” Jacobsson - Lead Sound Designer [Sweden]

Art (9)

  • Mark “Bull” Jenkinson - Texture Artist [UK] Resident “Grumpy old git”.
  • Alex T - 3D Artist [Romania]
  • "BigNap" - 3D Artist [???]
  • Tim “Tim” Douglas - 3D Artist / Texture Artist [UK]
  • Frederic "Mel" Feddora - 3D Artist [Germany]
  • Matthew “Spush” Dismuke - Texture Artist [USA]
  • "KaB" - Animator/Artist [France]
  • "cr45h" - 3D Artist [Macedonia]
  • "Riicky" - Graphic Artist [???]

Programming (7)

  • Kory “Trancer” Postma - Programmer [USA]
  • "Spectral" - Programmer/Server Admin [USA]
  • "Brune" - Programmer [USA]
  • Joshua "Odin" Webster - Programmer [USA]
  • Zakary "StrangeZak" Strange - Programmer [???]
  • Ernest "iFire" Lee - Programmer [Canada]
  • Christoffer “Motherdear” Clausen - Programmer (+ 3D Artist) [Denmark-Sweden]

Environment (5)

  • Tim “Afsoccer” - Mapper [USA]
  • "Tonto" - Mapper [Finland]
  • Dave "Drav" Mason - Environment Artist [UK] [Spain]
  • Benjamin “Bignaptizzle” Muehling - Env Artist / Mapper [Germany]
  • "Ghaztehschmexeh" - Environment Artist [UK]

Game Design (1)

  • "Ajax" - UI Designer [Australia]

Film (1)

  • Dovydas “Lordas” Vilimas - Director [Lithuania]

Marketing (1)

  • Keith “Litoralis” Weisglas - Head of Marketing [USA]

Military Advisers (1)

  • Andrew “Melbo” Mellor [UK]

Music (1)

  • Scott “Alkali” Tobin [UK]

QA Testing Manager (2)

  • Mike "?_?" [???]
  • Murphy "?_?" [???]

Support (1)

Other/Unknown Roles (0)

Former Developers (4)

  • "Mosquill" - Programmer
  • Marek “Tooner” Karasowski - Programmer [Lithuania]
  • "Katarn" - Programmer [MURIKA]
  • Nosferatu [Russia]


Total # of developers, contributors, and support currently working on Squad: 40


Original Source: Giant Bomb: Offworld Industries


Don't know how I missed this one,but but I'm totally shocked, speachless, amazed,confused & saddened to hear that our Great  @Litoralis is now a former Dev(Marketing)of OWI *Cries*.

I will remember all his great interviews & interaction with our community...

Thankyou @Litoralis for your hardwork dedication  commitment & love for Squad. You will be missed,! :(


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Spectral also is now former as far as I know. So, the list could really use an update.

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Oxy and SgtRoss, you manly beasts, you!

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