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bob mimi

a confirmation from the considered my request : license

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Last week, i made a license application to the server of my team = BoB = Band Of Brothers .

I have not received a confirmation email from the considered my request .

Is this normal?

How long does the study of demand? In advance, thank you for your answer.



Greetings, bob mimi

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bob mimi, 


The guys that handle the licensing application have been a bit backed up. Please be patient with them as they are working as quickly as they can. If you have any questions regarding the entire process, feel free to email them at support@joinsquad.com. Thanks.

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After two weeks still not back on the license application.

I think this time is unreasonably long. It is not a state matter but only allow to have a server in the main list of the server and not in the list of customized server.

If you do not already know, know that the servers that are only in this second list are desperately empty. Because players will give priority on the servers of the first list.

my team is forced to play on other server while we have rented a sudden "gold pieces" for nothing. This makes task you will agree. no ?
We can not carry out our new member recruitment campaign.

This undermines our gaming experience on SQUAD. It is paradoxical that have concidered that having a license is created for exactly have a good gaming experience ...

I sent an email this afternoon in support. I hoped to have a real answer quickly.
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