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Tilde Button/console not working

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Okay so lets start with telling you we have our own gameserver, you know the drill its fun and cool. You created rules for the server , and no teamkilling is allowed.
You observe if everyone is acting normal and friendly , and if not anyone is breaking the rules. There u go > a teamkiller.


Type in chat ListPlayers  > doesn't work
Im pressing Tilde "~" > doesn't work
Im pressing it 2 times > doesn't work


how can we ask from our clans/community's to have active admins on and around the fields of our servers.

i cant kick or ban teamkillers. Its disturbing and it hurt my eyes.


can anyone pleas help me ?

Im from Europe and heard other players of Europe had the same problem.




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since v5


until v4



2 options

  1. ingame: open chat (squadchat, teamchat, allchat) and delete the content -> tadaa! here we go, you got an empty console.
  2. switch your windows keyboard layout to "EN/US".
    activate the hotkey for switching input language. eg. LAlt+LShift
    Then, the tilde key "~" does work in game as intended.



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Or just.. Take a backup copy of your input.ini ... Then go to defaultinput.ini edit these two lines


to ie.


save. Remove input.ini (which you have backupped), run the game and go to server (any), exit game overwrite the new input.ini with your backup and the console keys should be set to key U.

File locations can be found from topic linked below.


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Console key binding was added into 5.0. Go into your settings menu and rebind the console key.

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