Hey Squaddies!   Just wanted to redirect you guys to a new series called "Boot Camp" which will mainly feature on our Kickstarter Page, but will also spread to our main website eventually. The aim of this series is to introduce and break down key defining mechanics of Squad, in order to introduce people unfamiliar with how we do things around here.   Session 1 - The Basics
  HUD | Roles | Command Markers | Rally Points
  Session 2 - VoIP   Squad Member VoIP | Squad Leader VoIP   Session 3 - Strategy & Level Design   Map Scale | Advance & Secure | How to wage war | Objectives   Session 4 - Base Building & Deployables   Spawn Locations | Deployables | Deployables Graphic | Logistics and You   Session 5 - Medical System   The Medic | What happens when you get hit? Flowchart | Dragging     Session 6 - Vehicles   Roles of Vehicles | Firepower | Transportation | Resupply | Ground Vehicle Type Chart | Air Vehicle Type Chart