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graphics glitch, bugs, maps texture, official servers

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hello squadies, 


first of all, the new forums engine is looking brilliant !! 


After the 5v update i have facing those kind of problems, so i need to know is it me alone or the devs are still working on it ?


1- Rifles texture, trees and map details are looking so simple ( like i play i was playing IGI 1 :P - it was a good game that time though- ) 

2- Wall glitches, i can see under the wall (like there is an empty space between the wall and the ground that you see thought), and you can see through the wall if you came close to the wall as well (isn't that would be cheating if i use it ? ) 

3- floating rocks ( i was seeing the rocks in the air, and my squad leader was literally flying on it XD)  

4- i noticed the game is loading faster than before ( i don't have SSD though) , so maybe those problems caused by : that the game is not fully loading on my PC ?  

5- i was wondering is there any official servers that located on eu/uk areas? cause i cant play on the NA servers (High ping) 


after all, the game is really still fun, and the players are great, and the squad community is awesome. 


Thanks in advance. 

Horrah !

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