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Dynamic Faces - Influence of Time & Health Status

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Before I explain my suggestion I want to thank the developers of squad for their effort to take the concept of "Project Reality"  to a next level. You guys did what I was thinking, commercializing a game to such a degree that faster and better development is possible. 


General Concept


What PR:BF2 doesn't have is dynamic faces, faces which are changing to the circumstances they are in. I believe the face of a player model can have a great influence into the reality part of this new game. It gives a more realistic dimension. 


The idea I had is that your face will change after an certain amount of time you are on the battlefield, in combination with your health status. This concept could be used for the whole player model, however I think that will be taking too much valuable time to develop. Instead I am suggesting it for the face only.


The concept is that there are about 7 stages, 7 faces per model that have a connection to either a health status or active time on the battlefield. Based on the health you will see for example blood on a face of your squad-mate, or cuts, mud and other dirty stuff. Your face will change over a matter of 30 seconds for example, the transition should be smooth and not out of a sudden. If you have small face cut, your face won't be red instantly of the blood coming out of the wound.


Let me explain the seven stages.


Stage 1: 100% Health, perfect Condition, < 30 minutes active on the battlefield 

Stage 1 is the stage when you just spawn or until you are 30 minutes on the battlefield. You will be clean, no wounds are visible nor any dirt or mud on your face. Your face is looking like you just are done cleaning yourself.


Stage 2: 100% Health, battle-Hardened, >30 minutes active on the battlefield 

Stage 2 is like you have just had your first small skirmish with the enemy. Due to finding cover and exploding grenades, dust kicking up from the weapons, you got some mud and other dirty stuff on your face. However you aren't bleeding, you still have your normal skin color due to no bleeding at all.


Stage 3: 80% Health, battle-hardened and minor wounds

You just had a firefight, but you didn't manage to avoid the stones scratching your face. You have some cuts, mud on your face and a little bit of blood.


Stage 4: 60% Health, battle-hardened, minor wounds with more blood

You haven't managed to heal your wounds in stage 3, or the enemy did more damage to you. You have wounds on your face and blood slowly coloring your face red. The dust from the explosion 10 feet away from you have made your face dirty.


Stage 5: 40% Health, battle hardened, major wounds 

You haven't managed to find the medic and the wounds on your face have been bleeding for quite some time now, but you still have 1 liter of blood left in your body. You start to lose skin-color since the blood is trying to safe your vital organs, but your face can't stop bleeding. But it isn't a waterfall of blood yet.


Stage 6: 20% Health, battle hardened, major wounds 

Where is the goddamn medic? You are wounded, the enemy has hit you in the face hard, blood is gutting out of the wounds on your face and head and have colored your face red. You are losing vision to due to the lack of blood inside, and the huge amounts of blood outside your body. The skin that is not covered with blood yet is colorless, except for the soldier skins with a different skin color, showing a huge blood loss.


Stage 7: 00% Health (Revive-able) 

You have taken the bullet and paid the price, now you are on the ground waiting for the medic. When he sees your face, he can see a face with zero skin color, blood stains, cuts, dirty stuff and other things nature will put you trough on the battlefield. Now it is up to the medic/doctor to revive you and patch you up. 


Other components

Besides the description there are some other things. For example;


  • After being revived you can only go back to stage 2 and then follow the ladder again, showing that you have been patched up on the battlefield.
  • Your will only go back to stage 1 after spending an X amount of time at a safe-zone, for example a main-base.
  • The fastest way to get back to stage 1 is by dying and re-spawning.


I hope that the developers can understand the suggestion and that they see potential in the suggestion, the idea behind it is to create a better immersion.


The idea can be compared to vehicle damage models, but only the visual part of it.

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I was thinking of having a mouth that moves synchronized with VoIP output as well, like ArmA along with your dynamic concept.

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I believe bren's suggestion is better. Pronk's suggestion while I believe is achievable, won't bring much to the table. 


With bren's suggestion, you can simply have a generic "mouth talking" animation whenever someone uses VoIP.

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It can start with fases and it can end with complete player models that have changed over an X amount of time in-game. Imagine those warn torn soldiers from the Pacific, it would give a lot more immersion that just a moving mouth.


Bren's suggestion in combination with mine will bring reality to a whole other level

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