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Hello to all you fellow squadmates.

I've just started this game and I love it. I've become a very fast learner and have already got a handle on what it takes to be a good medic. I love the depth this game already shows despite how early in development it is. I've played in about 10-12 matches in the 2 days I've owned this game and am hooked.

I hope to see a lot of you guys out on the battle grounds and maybe even be your squads medic if I'm lucky.


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Welcome aboard. If you have the mindset to be a team player then Squad is very addictive. Your game experience can vary a lot depending on what server you are on and I do find I have a better time on admin/clan servers. Squad is still very new to a lot of players and in time they might break some old habits that have been instilled playing all those lesser games. So if your finding your team not communicating and working as a team find yourself a better server. Have fun and see you out there. 

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