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IDEA: Taking Enemy As a Prisoner System - Detailed Description.

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Honestly if you wanted to implement this, I'd suggest looking into modifying UE4, and keeping an eye out for the Squad API. I could see Squad roleplay servers becoming very popular, we did something similar for our Scenario Sundays POW/CIA events. Again though, those were community run events and not core mechanics.

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I too love the idea of a Prisoners Of War (POW).


It could involve having to build a "prison camp" that is not much more than a cell, it could cost 500+ supply points and only get one per team and obviously you can't murder them.


To take the prisoner, you have to catch a down enemy player that has not given up yet and switch to handcuffs - handcuff the prisoner and your medic has to heal him at which point, the now wounded soldier will be sent to the "prison camp" automatically, but the player could then respawn like normal with minus 5 tickets instead of 1.


Now, if the FOB for the prison camp is taken down, each POW that is "rescued" (symbolically) would be worth 7 tickets - thus if you rescued 5 POWs - you would get 35 tickets back for a profit of 10 tickets.


Yes - it would take a medic and one other soldier to capture and once handcuffs are on the soldier, you have 10 seconds to get your medic to them or they expire.


This could be an optional admin enabled feature.

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NPC's are POW's.....Your team objective is to rescue them at all costs...Plan, organize, implement the raid on stalag 13 become heroes! :)

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On 3/4/2016 at 8:11 PM, Trachu said:

So I thought that it would be great idea if there would be a possibility of taking an enemy as a prisoner.

It would work this way that both factions would benefit from both being a war prisoner and taking someone as a war prisoner but I will explain how it would work later.



We all know that there are situations in this game where often you find yourself being literally behind the enemy's back. I thought that it would add more realism to the game and it would be great improvement that would attract more players to the game as well as make the game itself more interesting, great, joyful and will bring way much more fun to the players if we would add more options to the game and introduce the hostage system.


Following my proposal if will you find yourself in a situation in which you spot an enemy soldier while being behind his back and he won't be able to see you, you will be able to press <talk button> not the <radio talk button> and then you could literally speak to the enemy trough your microphone while being behind him so he will be able to hear you clearly. You will be able to eventually tell him to freeze or not to move or else he will get shoot and die. For example you can suggest him to: "don't move / freeze or I'm going to kill you". The closer you will be to the enemy the louder your voice will be heard by him. He then will have two options: to move and try to kill the one who tell him to freeze and give up which probably will get him killed because of his opponent having an advantage over him or to follow the directions and freeze , not to move and talk to his enemy, eventually the guy who is trying to take an enemy soldier as a prisoner would tell him to drop his gun and put his hands up. The soldier who choose to give up not to move and survive an ambush will be able to follow the instructions given by the opponent. He will be able to press the button and throw away his weapon and then press another button to rise his hands up. Then the person who is taking a guy as a hostage will be able to press the action button  fold the prisoner's hands behind his back, put the handcuffs on enemy wrists and take him to the base as a war prisoner.  


Now the benefits of being prisoner or taking someone as a prisoner would look following:

Benefits from taking someone as a prisoner:

1. + individual points to the soldier who is taking enemy as a prisoner
2. + team points for the faction that is taking enemy as a prisoner but only when the enemy is taken and remains at the base of faction that took him as a hostage. Points would add for the team in a time lapse measurement so with the passage after every certain period of time the points would add for the faction that is holding enemy as a hostage.

Benefits from being a prisoner

1. + one  time individual points for letting to take yourself as a prisoner to infiltrate enemy base.
2. + individual points for staying in the enemy base as a prisoner of war but without the possibility of using radio or a gun while being a hostage


Now it will be possible to free the prisoner at any point in time, after prisoner would get free his hands will get free and he will receive the load out that he had before becoming a prisoner or he would have to get to his base to get his new load from the re-arm box or he would have to pick up a gun from other dead soldier.

It will be possible to kill the prisoner at any point in time, both while they are being held in the opposition forces base (it should be possible to build a prison cage for the enemy prisoners) and while the enemy is held as a prison even if he is not yet binged upon the base for him to become a held in the base prison.

For killing an enemy while he is taken as a hostage there will be a loss points (team or individual) penalty.

Some amount of individual (or team) points should be lost while team killing.

It will be possible to use prisoners as a human shield so enemies won't shoot at you because they will be afraid to harm one of their own and loose points because of a team kill.

Player that is being a hostage will be able to re-spawn at any point in time but then he will stop benefiting from receiving the hostage points.

This system won't have to be turned ON on the servers. It could be changed by the server host to OFF or ON and if server host provides such an option then players could vote for the system to be ON or OFF. So if somebody don't like it then the system don't have to be turned ON.


Shooting in someone's back is not such a cool thing so I think trying to take enemy as a prisoner would be a good alternative also for that. 

and if someone like you don't like this "hostage" system it could be turned off at any time by the server host or by players that vote for it to be ON or OFF before the match starts. So why not?

I think this would bring joy to many people but also won't harm the ones who dislike the system because they will be able to play on the servers without this system. Then why not implementing it? 

Now please keep in mind that its only the sketch of an idea that requires further development and expansion.
Please feel free to make more suggestion about this certain idea and about how to further improve it in the posts below.

Thank you for your interest and future feedback!




1. " In PR, there is an imaginary prisoner system. In maps where it's US Army vs Insurgents on an Insurgency layout, the US Army have restrainers. And if you manage to hit a civilian with it, you gain intel points for the next cache location, this also works with the breacher's shotgun. So perhaps this will make it's way into Squad. And I think it's not just civilians, I think you may also gain a higher ammount of intel when you hit a regular insurgent with the restrainer."  - by Rich8

Great idea but its way too far past the CS:GO attention span of most players.

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