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Shovely Joe

Make the commander the most desired role to play!

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Make the commander the most diserable role to play!

I played a lot of bf2! And it was so boring to play commander. Squads didnt follow orders and you didnt really have a big impact on the game except from eternally spotting enemies. 
I'm confident SL's Will follow orders (in Squad) but its not really a big adrenaline rush to have 3 otter Guys on your comms channel, and seeing Dots on a map. Solution? Make the commander awesome!



I suggest the commander should impact spawn timers on vehicles, it can be done in 1 of 2 ways as i see it.

1st: prioritizing respawn timer rates e.g. your 1st priority gains a 2x respawntimer boost, 2nd 1.5x and 3rd 1.2 (what ever). - If no commander boost rates could just level out on all vehicles

2nd. simply buying vehicles like building fobs. though with a maximum so you can't have 2 or 3 mainbattletanks or whatever. This way the other team wouldn't know if they are going up against an armored force or a fast-moving recontype force. - If no commander is chosen a standard picking for a balanced force is chosen. (my favorite)

being in charge of reinforcements gives the commander a greater strategical impact. I think we all agree mainbattle tanks shouldnt respawn right after being destroyed. Vehicles should be cared for and valued highly. The squad should cheer when destroying enemy vehicles... knowing they wont see the fckr again for a long time.


Offmap assets:

Commander is in charge of all offmap assets: Artillery, UAV's (small videofeed of whats going on atm), drops and.. piloting planes!

Helicopters belong on the map. Planes do not! 

We Will miss out on the brute force of a plane haulning over the map in 12 seconds If their speed is to fit into gameplay. I hate missing out (see the link, you can't fit this into a game where an airplane takes off and land on a 8x8 km map).
Let the commander call a plane into the A.O and have him pilot or Gun it when dropping a JDAM on an enemy compound or shooting down a helicopter bugging your squads. "Air support incoming 3 minutes" Would be a nice information to relay to your squad mates. And this would give the commander some hands on experience. Even just 30 seconds, two or three times a game, not looking at your map would make a big difference for playability. making airsupport this way, would also make it a lot easier for developers I believe (not an expert on the matter).

The commander should ofc talk to the SL's and not the squadmembers, to hold a chain of command.
on his map he should be able to tap into one squadleader and only talk to him.
He should also have direct comms to all vehicles, making vehicles a team asset, not a squad asset. Again by tapping into their comms on his map.


(sidenote on vehicle kits)

Maybe pilots and drivers, except humvees and the like, should not be squadkits. but instead a separate "squad" operating only under the commander. So a squad as one unit can be deployed by a team-helicopter/apc without having a member driving back to base to not lose the vehicle. This would also emphasize the importance of vehicles, and caring for them. Typical BF to drive to the front and leave your vehicle.. I dont want this. 

Offmap assets like planes and artillery should be very rare, and therefore it is important to give the commander a busy gameplay revolving around strategy and comms. since he has the role of tactical air command, artillery battalion, executive officer and if you listen to me: pilot/gunner and company commander (reinforcement wise). he SHOULD have enormous impact on gameplay, the biggest impact of the team! He should feel the resposibility of the SL tenfold.
people don't go SL because it is a big responsibility - and for the same reason people wouldn't just go commander to mess around. - and YES mutiny/voting should be an option.

sorry about the rant, I had so much on my mind :D what do you think?

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Dude, that's way too much micromanagement for one person. The video posted by suicidal shows quite well how hard it is just to keep situation awareness as a commander, and he speaks only to CAS most of the time, if he was trying to manage all the other squads at the same time it would be even harder. If you throw in all the other stuff you'd like it would be just impossible to manage.

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I ton't thnk it's too much micro. You can't really micro squads that much anyways in PR. It's just providing incentives.


Though UAV does sound pretty useless

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Dude, that's way too much micromanagement for one person.

Its nothing those South Koreans playing SC2 can't do lol! But yeah, I kind of agree with you.


Biggest thing for commanders in my opinion is that they should be on the field as well, sharing the risk with the grunts. Good teams are working together pretty well without a CO. I'm hoping that once logistics show up a CO will just facilitate the whole team being able to work together effectively.

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its not too much, as a commander you shouldnt be on the battlefield, not even sure I think you should spawn on the map...

there is only so much you can do from behind the desk.... "squad 1 and 2 attack this compound" then its up to the SL's to decide angle of approach and so on... if you can't see the situation you can't make flanking decisions, splitting up squads and so on. commander is a strategic capacity, not a tactical one. AND rather having too much to do, than too little.

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