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Some posts aren't appearing rightaway?

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Today, I notice that some new posts aren't appearing for me.


For example, when looking at this topic:



in the subforum, it will tell me that the last post is made by Trachu, but that post doesn't show up in the topic itself.


A second example is this topic:



In the main forum, it shows that the most recent post in this topic is by Welshy_Jim, made less than 10 minutes ago; by mousing over that information, I can even read the first text of it:


"I watched the draws for march madness on youtube!. Can't wait for this to kick off and watch onli..."


But actually opening the topic, that post doesn't show up. Edit: after about 10 minutes, now it does show up.


What gives?


I suspect you're using some form of post screening to combat the spam, which is fine. But you may be missing some posts, such as the one in my first example. A second thing to note is that even though those posts are invisible, it's still visible that those users were the last ones to post in a certain thread (even though you can't see the post). Also, mousing over the post name in the main forum page, you can even read their contents, even if the posts aren't there when you click it.

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I noticed this as well and was totals confused. I thought my brain was playing tricks on me.

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its because of an anti spam filter that was recently added,

As most people have figured out by now, sometimes if you hit "submit" on a post and someone else already posted in that time frame, nothing happens even though your post goes through.
The average user who has figured this out just refreshes the page, but the people who haven't figured it out will hit submit again, and again, and again.

The spam filter picks this up as the same post in 1 thread multiple times and automatically sets the posts to "un-approved"
when we (the mods) get time we go through and try to sift through the unapproved ones, but 90% of the time at least one of those double/triple/quad posts gets through anyway so we end up deleting the unapproved.

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That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. :)

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