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Squad - First Impressions - Epic!

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Hello everyone! my name is akam, and I am from Kurdistan/Iraq!


After a long wait, I finally bought the game and gave it a go!


I have to say that it is as good as I expected, here is my initial impressions on the game:



Stay tuned for A LOT more videos to come! I really appreciate your feedback for future videos and let me know what kind of videos you enjoy most regarding squad! 


Thanks and have a nice day/night! 

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Welcome. Nice video with lots of good info for new players and those thinking of buying. You gave the best description of what Squad is and where it fits in the fps world I have yet heard.

What happened to the ground texture on First Light? Looked yellow to me.

A few times in the video you were describing how you need to play as a squad but you were out on your own or with just one other player. It happens but might not of been the best choice of clip to make your point to. That though was counter acted by some nice SL play though.

Really enjoyed it thanks.

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hello everyone, thank you very much for your feedback, I am glad you guys enjoyed it. I will use your feedback to further improve my future videos! 

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