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Hello there, Are you into tactical game play do you thrive for a more realistic experience but just have not been able to find it. Did you fall short with the thousands of applicants for ShackTak. Well then I am happy to tell you about the 9thSO http://9thso.com/home we are a very young clan about 3-4months strong with apprx 16 members currently and that's only because a very large portion of people just were not the right fit or just were not willing to act as a clan member in general. We have a very active community and run are own servers a clan that is solid from the core just on principle of character alone. We run practices and run formations and we also just have a good time. I don't want to bore you with a long drawn out speech so feel free to drop by and check us out we are currently recruiting and have a tier system for your rank. Serious applicants only please we would like you to be 18 years of age or older but lets say your 16 and are actually mature enough to act like an adult then please apply as well. See ya around and I am looking forward to life long friendships as this clan is going nowhere soon [sSG] 9thSO-jo3ks. 

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