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How about a 'Showroom' forum?

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Hi everyone, 

i dont know if this has been asked before, did a quick search and didn`t find something similar.

I am thinking about a sub-forum which is for showcasing user created contend.
I know there is a 'community content WIP' thread pinned to the game discussion forum, but with 30 pages it gets hard to find stuff. 

Now that modding becomes more and more high-profile a forum might come in handy so people creating contend could show off their work to the community and devs better.
It would allow for "thread-related" critique and suggestions, no more searching for a specific comment, someone did on page 150 regarding a WIP posted on page 47.
Also it would be better for presenting updated WIPs and stuff.

This may be to early, as modding only really gets relevant once mod support is here. Yet again many people are already building stuff and things.
Its just an idea that came to my mind and if this has been discussed already, i appologize for not knowing better.

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I think the game isn't mature enough for mods. Much of the underlying systems and netcode are still changing, they haven't even locked down the modeling requirements as they said in another thread.

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