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Before you say ''Developers already said no...'' hold up.

I understand developers not adding gore since its going to get squad blocked in some countries but a lot of people want gore.

What they can do is:

Make a clean version, like AAA games do. While its violent in one country it will be less violent (or how it is right now) in another.


They can do what Total War series did

Sell the gore as a cheap dlc.

You guys are probably tired of seing threads about gore but it would make kills satisfying and realistic. I saw a developer say that they have already tried gore, upload the screenshots, or gifs of it?

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Mate it's probably development relevant (hard to do) not public reception relevant.

column A and B,

Gore gives bad press, but as well as it would ruin / change some of the gameplay.

If you shoot a soldier in the arm then what happens? does his arm fall off? you'd have to add a cripple mechanic or something to compensate this.

players who get shot and are downed are not usually dead and can be revived to keep fighting, how does someone who had his legs blown off get back up and fight?

you have to add new medic mechanics, revive mechanics, thats ALOT of programming for something only a small group of people would even want to see,

Its not worth it and its just safer and easier to not have to worry about offending anyone that way.

Since this topic has been discussed multiple times I will now close this thread,

But leave it visible so your idea may be seen.

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