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Hi everybody.

So straight to the topic:

Does Unreal Engine allow to create destructible environments?

If yes, would you guys implement it(do you plan to implement it)?

example: shooting with AT weapon at a building which is ocupied by an enemy would cause damage to those inside and also would cause "cosmetic" changes(hole in the wall etc) and new tactical oportunites(new entrance, new window etc)... 

And congrats on starting this great new project! Will definatly suport it!

edit: found a couple of videos



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I'd like to see some Arma type destruction, where small buildings would collapse killing those inside if struck hard enough, just the simple one-step destruction model. And I think BFBC2 wall destruction would be great as well, but I'm not sure if it'd be possible for the mods to pull off. That or bullet penetration, PR:BF2 had this stupid thing where a thin metal fence would let .50 bullets through. I hope to see penetration at least.

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