I'll step in here with my own 2 cents if it may put some people at ease to hear from a developer on this matter.   I can understand people being concerned about this, just as I might have been in the past as a PR player. In general I think people need to trust the development team to both listen and carefully consider the voice of the community, and at the same time trust our own insight into the game's development.    Remember that at the end of the day every feature we add we carefully consider how it fits into our vision for the game. No matter what persistent information we consider making available to the player, if it doesn't promote having a fun and immersive experience where teamwork and communication reign supreme, we won't be adding it.   A few specific things when it comes to my own personal opinion on this topic (I obviously cannot speak for the whole team here): Adding *any* persistent data to the game to be available to the players would ideally be slow and methodical so we can survey if something is exploited or negatively impacts people working together. If putting something in ends up promoting bad behavior instead of promoting teamwork, we can always remove it. Any information will focus on the team and the squad, so players are less worried about their own personal achievements, and more focused on how they benefit their squad and their team. We will focus on very simple and/or abstract statistics which are hard to exploit. At times we may even hide exactly what gets players points so they are not trying to game the system, or even completely avoid any real time or "during the round" score feedback. We will do our best to ensure the system doesn't encourage people to isolate new players. We could even experiment with adding in some support for a "mentor" mode where an experienced player could indicate they would like the game to pair them up with a newer player, and they both get rewarded for sticking together. We will focus on information that is universally helpful / useful. For example indications that a transport pilot is experienced and has a recent history of safe flying. Where we can we will use such a system to provide warnings to server admins of players who have a consistent history of griefing / bad behavior. There will be a focus on objectives and helping achieve victory instead of something like just plain kills. For example I am almost positive that we would completely avoid having a "player's total kills" stat. In all likelihood we will only count play on public servers (not private events or clan matches), and play where the total # of players in the server is above a certain threshold, to avoid exploitation of the system. Nothing regarding stats tracking is finalized / set in stone as we are very much in the design phase when it comes to stats tracking [namely please do not take the above too seriously]. With any feature like this, we focus on the objectives of the game first, and shape the specifics of the feature to meet those requirements.   In general I would ask people keep an open mind about this and remember that no matter what, we will keep any persistent information simple and practical, and with a focus on teamwork. The idea behind this is not to try and get players addicted to stats building, but instead to leverage some very simple persistent information to encourage things like focusing on the objective instead of purely on killing, focusing on the team/squad instead of the individual and helping other players (especially new ones).