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[RIP] vs World Friday nights event

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Tonight is a very special [RIP] Vs The World.


On Tuesday evening we heard the news that one of the Clan Founders for [RIP] Rusty In Places, Gunner passed away after his long battle with cancer.


In order to celebrate the life and memories of a truely great man, come join us on our public servers and have a chat with some of the guys who played alongside him and knew him best in our TeamSpeak.


To quote our other Clan Founder, BearBison:


”He was the gel that brought the Clan Founders together whilst we ran the European sde of another clan and brought us this great community that we still have to this day.

Many a great memories from nights gaming, getting pissed whilst gaming, chatting whilst getting pissed, meeting up at the many different RIPping weekends over the years.

There is so much that could be said but I think the best way is..

Rest In Piece mate, game hard and we will meet again at the great bar in the sky”


We hope you can join us for a game or two and remember him by raising a glass in his honour.






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That’s right It’s Friday! It’s [RIP] Vs the World and we’re on v11!


Come join in on both our public servers after 19:00bst for some of the most intense battles, immersive action and competitive teamwork in Squad public servers.


Enjoy several hours of non-stop v11 goodness with [RIP] Rusty In Places! B|

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