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District Center Cliff Base

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Yes, but why? :D


Why Not?  It covered all the vantage points, had interior trees to mask the movement inside, had an interior bunker to fob spawn on and fall back to, was just at the edge of the capture zone for Hill115, and was just fun to make. Short of barbed wire around the exterior it was a perfect hilltop encampment. 


Some people never know what to build so figured I'd share this fun little place. 

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A few critiques if I may. No exit(s) (that I can see - perhaps that roadblock area?) - needs ladder to get out = fall damage and sky-lining to get shot. Limited movement and a known egress point.  Also makes it a grenade pit death trap.


Over reliance on Hesco's = limits sight lines allows enemy to advance too easily without strong exterior patrols. I have never seen many do that however. Not enough reliance on the markedly superior and stupendous razorwire to control enemy movement and allow for sight lines. Razorwire is also fast to build and damages your enemy if they incorrectly negotiate it.


Too centralized = Not enough interlocking fields of fire and supporting positions. 


Too long to build (time /points) and in a poor position. Having a position behind the half cap is a losing proposition. 


Identifiable spawn location = you will be assaulted and eventually overrun unless one baby sits the fob. Even then a strong assault will win with smart HE usage. Limited your tactical flexibility by limiting your scheme of maneuver.



Not trying to be harsh, just pointing out what I see when I look at it.  Did you win the round?

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