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whiteFOX is a structure that aims to bring together groups of players from all European countries and wants to invest in the competition on Squad.

Formed in February 2016 by the gathering of the teams Les Chats Pirates and Yellow Ants and growing with the recent addition of the group Raven Wing. This assamble of players defined it's goal as being ambitious competitors with the seek of victory. However we retain the gaming aspect of the game.


Our first steps in competing were done in March 2016 when we played the first Squad Tournament (SquadLeague).
After 4 matches, whiteFOX placed 3rd over 14 teams. Coming out of nowhere we managed to reach the top and proved ourselves and anybody else to be a dangerous opponent.


Today the team will be playing the Grand Final of the SquadMasters 12vs12 Tournament (SquadMasters).


The whiteFOX structure provides a Forum, a TeamSpeak3, Squad servers and also tools to help the communication and the gameplay among itself.


Website : www.wfox.eu

whiteFOX Youtube Channel : here.
VOD of the 3rd place : here.


whiteFOX Official Trailer #1


Teams among the whiteFOX structure


Les Chats Pirates [LCP] - Recruitment Post : Link.


We are a French speaking only squad that formed in September 2015 through the consolidation of Konorr, Babylon, Padoch and Iwo then we grew over the months.
We are influenced by counter-strike, our playstyle is relying on aggression, coordination and speed.

Our recruitement is made of people having a competition and teamplay spirit. Come and read (in French) our recruitment wishes : here !


Raven Wing [RW] - Recruitment Post : Link


We are a team or squad, within the clan whiteFOX. It was formed in August 2016, by plissken (Norwegian), snikeren (Norwegian) and S0NNy (Austrian), and grew out of the already established teams within whiteFOX.


Our style of gameplay is influenced by fast-pased shooters such as Counter-Strike and the Battlefield-series. As such its characterised by aggressivity, speed and coordination.


However, we also very much enjoy the slower paced gameplay of games such as Project Reality, and that which is encouraged through Squad itself. That being said, we can be recognized as players who take the initiative, and who live by the adage "the best defense is a good offense".


Find our recruitment requirements here.





Even today if our focus is on individual recruitment, the structure still accepts whole groups.


We are looking for groups that wish to invest in the competition on Squad.


However we don't especially look for larger groups. The gathering of 3 or 4 friends wishing to build something bigger can be enough for us.


Our recruitment prerequisites are

  • Have at least one leader who speaks and understands a decent English.

Having the whole group speaking english isn't a requirement, however we need 1 person to relay the information.


  • Being a group that know each other for a little while (no emerging group)

We focus on teamplay and group cohesion. We seek groups that have already proven to be stable.


  • Being a group with a good mentality and self-sufficient

The group should have some kind of maturity as well has been able to handle their problems by themselves.


  • Being a group with a competitive spirit, active on Squad and look to play matches.

Why would you join us otherwise ?


If your group is interested, add me on steam (Konorr), post below or message me on this forum.

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Glad to see you guys signed up in the tourney! Looking forward to watching whiteFOX strut their stuff for the first time. :D

We're going to have your logo patchified here in the next week or so. Be sure to join us on our Discord! (Link in my signature)

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whiteFOX will be behind the mic in an interview given by JohnnyOmaha and Karmakut with the top 5 of the clans of Squad.


Things like tips for getting better, the current metas, competitive scene, net-code, and even a bit about v7 and how vehicles will work and change the game will be on the topic !

Tonight : Jonny Omaha Twitch

-> 20.00 EST

-> 0.00 UTC

-> 1.00 BST

-> 2.00 CEST !


Reddit Topic


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whiteFOX will be playing against FFO this sunday in a friendly match.

I will be streaming this match from my POV.
If you are interested in watching the match from the inside, come and check my stream this sunday.




To avoid any abuse, the stream will have 1 round of delay.
Because of this the starting time isn't precise but should occure at


12.45 PDT
15.45 EDT
19.45 UTC/GMT
20.45 BST
21.45 CEST

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whiteFOX will be playing the Grand Final of the SquadMasters 12vs12 Tournament against Mumblerines.

The date is still to be determined but will be shortly after the v9 has been released.


We are still adding videoes of gameplay on our Youtube channel, come see them !

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After 3 months of fight whiteFOX has won the SquadMasters.com 12vs12 Tournament.


The Grand Final has been played on Gorodok AAS INF v1 against Mumblerines.

After a rough battle whiteFOX won 76-0 and 59-0.


We would like to thank Mumblerines for the two epic battles and also SquadMasters.com who organized this tournament.


You can watch few POV actions below :




More video on our youtube channel !

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