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If your looking for a fresh Unit/Clan with a good style of teamwork then this ones for you. ULD(United Lads Division) is based in Australia with connections to BigDGaming so together we can provide great community events, clan v clan matches, training events, our own personal teamspeak and plenty more to come.

ULD was set up to bring many fellow squad players together who enjoy a sense of teamwork and camaraderie in their gameplay. We have set up the clan to be flexible both in its in-game tactics and matches, and how it functions out of game with different events and community forums. Some members of the clan may prefer a high geared military experience, others a more casual meet up and muck around with mates night. We're looking to bring everyone together who want to enjoy squad to it's full potential without putting unnecessary restrictions on those who are just there to enjoy the game. 

However make sure if your keen on joining up you've:


-Got a bloody mic!
-Strive for a good sense of teamwork

-Get along well with other players

-Are willing to get your hands dirty

-Can follow or lead in good fasion


At the end of the day we're here to enjoy the game and bring the gameplay to a whole new level, so let's get together lads!

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