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Shovely Joe

Vehicle obstacle collision/destruction

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Vehicle Collsion

The maps are obviously made with an eye for the fact vehicles will be featured down the road.

I just worry that we wont get the right "feel" of driving a tank, if you forexample can't drive an Abrams through those low clay fences featured on most maps. Or break down a gate to a compound by driving a Humwee or APC into it.
At they very least I think the developers should allow for tanks/vehicles of some caliber to drive through(-without destroying) a variation of obstacles, like the clay walls, small trees and so on. I just seems silly to be stuck behind a small tree in a main battle tank, like you would in battlefield games. I played forgotten hope 2 (bf2 mod) a lot, and they made tanks able to pass through fences and so on... of course it seems weird that a tank drives through and the infantry following has to go around, but tanks lose a bit of their purpose if they have to use roads, and cant offroad through a forest with small trees.




I think it doesn't really suit the game how rocket launchers get stopped by a clay wall and if you're directly behind it won't be hurt by the explosion...

So I was wondering, when vehicles... Tanks, helicopters with hellfiremissiles, IEDs and such are added. Will one then be able to just hide out in a compound while a main battle tank is shelling your clay hut without having to worry about it?

About the destruction, i really do get how complex and time taking it is to implement.. however the cheap solution would be for explosions of some size to not be totally blocked by walls and such, so standing directly behind a wall getting hit my a tank gun, would give you something to think about.

How do you think this will be in the final version of the game?

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yay something cool to talk about


driving through wooden fences and small trees = yes


effects of sabot pentration or wall spall could be simulated with proper cool visual effects without actually destroying a wall. I guess that kind of feature will be added with bullet penetration.

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Those mud walls can take quite a beating. Stopping bullets and even Rockets. 


 Never thought about the consequences of not having destruction of trees and other objects when we get vehicles. There will just be huge areas that vehicles cannot go. 

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