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FreePIE TrackIR script to bind axis values to keys (e.g. bind head roll to leaning in games)

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Why would it be important to have Track IR in Squad?


because it adds a lot to the experience and saves having to press keys,

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After a few weeks of use and much consideration and testing, I came up with this:


AxisToKeyConfig = [
    [trackIR.roll, Key.Q, -12],
    [trackIR.roll, Key.E, 12],
    [trackIR.yaw, Key.B, -30],
    [trackIR.yaw, Key.V, 30],


So ingame leaning is on the TrackIR roll axis, eventhough I don't actually consciously roll my head IRL but  rather lean my body instead, which naturally provides enough headroll for the ingame lean (12 degrees) to activate. It's funny how using the TrackIR roll axis works a lot better than using the TrackIR lean (X) axis because the roll of your head is more auto centering. Go figure :)

And, as you can see, local and squad voice are on the yaw axis (looking left or right). It may seem a bit weird an idea, but it's already pretty intuitive to yaw your head towards someone sitting left or right you want to speak to at a table, and it really works well together with leaning. There was an instant gain in my communication after I did this and it took me less than a game to totally get used to it.

So that's 4 buttons saved, and I still have the zoom axis to possibly assign.

Oh and it's advisable to disable any axis not used in the script in the TrackIR software for better precision.

Thank you one last time,  igge-uc. This added so much ease of use for me :)


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dang.. discovering trackir and coming vr brought me to the point of spending about a grand on a pc and start up gaming again. but I HAVE NO CLUE what I'm doing!>! so I cant use trackir unless I know how to srite gaming code and implement it?!? is that what freepie is?! this learning curve is SOO flipping frustrating ive almost completely givin up! and just accepted ive waisted a grand!!!! PLEASE HELP!!

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With TrackIR ,there is usually no need for free pie or writing code. That's why it's $100's more. I don't regret buying the TrackIR, just wish Squad had free look now!

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+1 to using my CH pedals for leaning in FPS games whether it is incremental like in Arma or just a button press like in Squad. I cant play without them at this point and it makes moving around while leaning so much easier since I don't need to press "Q" or "E" on the keyboard. I just wish every game was incremental cause it's amazing to have that extra control vs on/off.


Also Trackir is awesome for freelook when its supported for the same reasons. Less buttons to press and you can customize it to your liking. Downside is the cost though and it takes some tinkering to get the right setting.

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