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Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

Faction wishlist poll  

2,231 members have voted

  1. 1. Which faction would you like to play as/against the most?

    • British Forces
    • Russia
    • China
    • Middle East force (real - state in comment which nation)
    • Middle East force (fictional - we make one like MEC from PR)
    • Another European force (such as German, French or something else)
    • African Forces
    • Another US branch (such as USMC)
    • Other (explain in comment)
    • Another Insurgent army (state which in comment)
    • Israel Defense Forces

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Why not Later add a Eurocorp. When you are in the squad creation menu you can choose a faction skin for your whole squad (brit,german,french,polish...)and your squad weaponry will depend of your squad nationality.

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1. Serbians

2. IDF Israel


4. French

5. Swedish

5. Germany

7 British

8. Japan

9. China

10.North & South Korea

11. Turkey

12 canadian

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Well in a list of factions that i want to see i the game that would be


1. Iraqi Army or Kurdish Peshmerga VS Syrian - Iraqi insurgent


2. French Army "Im not a fan of the FAMAS but that would make my friend come way faster into the game"


3. Ukrainian Army to fight the militia


4. Belgian Army [let me dream] 

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I would Personally like to see Iraqi/Syrian forces Vs. Daesh , might be...a bit TOO real though, but for the game it would be cool

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Id like to see Kurdish forces vs (dare I say it)... an ISIS like faction


In addition, I would love to see a vietnam conflict like seen in PR

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Snow map would be dope, Swiss vs Germans. 


OMG! Snow! YES! I can only imagine the beauty of that in the current engine

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I need to complain here.

Why are British Forces as an Extra point in the poll and French/ German/... under "another European force"?
Thus this poll is deeply flawed and biased.


I'm kind of annoyed. In nearly every modern military shooter you have always the same factions.

US, Russia, some kind of third-party-militia-terrorists that are always looking the same, ... and sometimes British forces as NATO-replacement or some kind of wild NATO-mix-up.


I really appreciated the Czech-DLC in ArmA-3... that was kind of "refreshing"... just to get later British forces all over again.


Do you know what I would like to see?
German (in the next 20-50 years the major-military power in Europe, when the development stays as it is),

French (like the British, but not being the British (which are kind of overdone for me already (despite their coolness), nothing personal)

Israelian, (probably THE most experienced "western" military)

Iranian, (beautiful indigenious weapon designs)

Chinese, (see Iranian, but not as much "special")

South-Korean, (the only "western" military force, next to the US, that is completely focused on the good 'ol conventional war)

Australian (one of the most experienced armies in terms of COIN)

Brazilian forces (dschungle warfare, anyone?)


But, yes, I know, this might be too much for Squad...

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Don't be upset. There are many members of the community working on content, some are working on factions you mentioned. Have a gander through the WIP thread linked below. Whilst some content may not end up being endorsed by the Devs, it is all very inspiring stuff when thinking about the eventual longevity of the game.


That being said, if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem. If you want to see content that you want in-game; download a modelling program, join the Squad Discord and get cracking. If you're not up to the task, have some patience and wait out. Complaining and selfishly demanding content you want does fuck all.



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Hello, I would definitely like to see The Estonian Land Forces, because they are one of the most contributing forces in NATO compared to their size. Adding to that they have never been featured in any game soo that would attract alot of attention all in its own. I'm not going to even start on their loadout. :D

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