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Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

Faction wishlist poll  

2,186 members have voted

  1. 1. Which faction would you like to play as/against the most?

    • British Forces
    • Russia
    • China
    • Middle East force (real - state in comment which nation)
    • Middle East force (fictional - we make one like MEC from PR)
    • Another European force (such as German, French or something else)
    • African Forces
    • Another US branch (such as USMC)
    • Other (explain in comment)
    • Another Insurgent army (state which in comment)
    • Israel Defense Forces

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The winner of the poll is NOT guaranteed to be featured in Squad. I am merely curious as to what people are interested in seeing in our game.


You are very welcome to respond with more options and elaborate on your vote and tell me why you want to see X faction in the game.


Have at it guys!


- Z




FAQ : Current two factions that we are working on is US ARMY and Taliban

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I don't really like fictional armies in a war simulator.


I chose other: Australian Defense Forces (ADF), because we've never seen them. That's probably the most eager one that I want to see, but most of the teams on the list I would wish to be included in the game as well.

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Would be nice to choose multiple options in the poll, but Id go for in order:


Peoples Liberation Army Navy


Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

USMC (Need a naval/marine faction ofc!)

British Armed Forces


And a Scandinavian force, perhaps Norwegian AF or the FDF(for hyper defensive operations)



In truth? Everything  :D

But China are quite obviously the most important conventional faction, considering current and projected future geopolitical tensions.

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For now Russia. They have many assets that are used in other factions like T-72/ T-90, AK family, BMP etc. And would fit perfectly for AAS like in PR:BF2

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I would like to see the IDF in this game, you almost never see them in video games.

I think the only time there was an IDF faction was in project reality, thats it!

we all saw the US forces, russian forces, china and european countries countless times and it's boring, the IDF is a faction we don't usually get to play as.


also we see their weapons like the tavor or the galil in a lot games but not the actual army  -_-

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