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Refund Please

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I purchased this game on Steam and Acknowledge it's an Alpha. 


That being said, I would expect having a 4ghz Intel CPU, GTX780ti & 24GB of DDR3 I would get some descent frames. 


I really, really want to play because even though the game is stuttering it seems really good. I'm frustrated because my machine 

should be able to handle it no bother, like every other game I play on Ultra. 


I have trawled forums / youtube videos to find fixes and applied them with slight gains in performance but nowhere near what I'd expect, 

even from an Alpha. I feel very frustrated I purchased this game in it's current state, gobsmacked you are actually selling it and request a refund please.  


Tried various .ini fixes, disabled hyperthreading, changing settings in game & bios etc with no joy. 


I hear people with AMD chips are having terrible performance. Judging by the performance issue I'm having with Intel, it must be severe. 

no way should you get a refund. Asking well i ask too when pissy but you have a better cpu 4ghz then i do but i dont know if you have the SC card of the 780ti or not. 3gb card mine is.


i get 100+ fps sometimes.


Turn those freakin shadows off......... PM me if you need screenshots i got one hanging around here still.


Ultra without liquid cooling, proper ssd about 3500-4000 into the system your not getting ultra on many towers these days..


I have to be blunt, i too have an intel and anyone with nvidia should not get a refund. You have to look at your settings like the rest of us.


Ill gladly help just pm me if your still having issues.

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and here is another i think by messing around.




I have many more, but remember these are not current patched screenshots. So the more assets we get from squad, will be demanding on the graphics, cpu too.


Honestly? its using the same engine as ARK UE4, and if ark can pump out those fps i get in my own server, then we will be able to add many more static assets.



I have still the 5th best card on the market after 3 years or is it 4 now?



Remember there was two gtx 780ti cards on the market. One was the Super Clocked 3gb which i have it cost me close to 900 bucks then. Then we have the 780ti non super clocked and it was 2gb i believe.

it was much less in price.


As the chart says, the 780 is the 780 ti version that was cut down just a tiny bit. At like a huge faction of cost. It still was better then the uber 1200 dollar titan. So many customers where upset as it only came out months later. Even nvidia said they kinda screwed up there... releasing too much power too quick. 25% increase in power over the titan. That is a huge increase for a fraction of the price.


21 years and i hope to wave bye some of this......

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