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Al-Kaesh Elitas [AKE] Recruitment

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The Al-Kaesh Elitas Brigade was raised in the year of 2013 by Captain Abdul-Al Salman in South-East Syria.

To combat the rising threat of the Islamic State. The Elitas Brigade quickly found succsess in their lightning quick raids on the Southern border of ISIS controlled ground, with equally good defensive campaigns on the Eastern front, commanded by Captain Abdul-Al Salman.

A force of only 8 Al-Kaesh Rebel's repelled over 60 militants in only 3 hours.

This brave action gained the young commander some influence in the region, causing more and more young men to flock to the banner daily.

They're currently holding a small territory in the South-Eastern borders of ISIS held territory, and launching raids from there.

They rose, will you?






Age: 18+ (Lower possible, must come to our teamspeak)

Working microphone

Serious (When it comes to Squad)





Big community

Friendly / Active players

Teamspeak 3 server











Teamspeak 3 -


(Feel free to join)

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