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Hey Squad mates, and Team leads.


I make Youtube videos for a hobby, when I'm not busy with anything else. Usually I jump from game to game, however Squad has found a sweet spot in my heart, and I foresee that I will be stuck on it for while.


Here is a "fanmade trailer" I created last night. Just a sample of what I might be making, and trying to improve on. Thank you.


Here is my main channel.


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First off: Welcome to the Forums! :D

A few points from my side, regarding the video:

- I don't think it could be called Trailer

- The video looks kinda dark for me in certain parts (not only the night cuts), not sure if your screen is a little bright or something?

- I don't like your TK-scene, not funny IMHO

Other than that: Thanks for the effort and I'm sure I'll like your next video more.

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