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I have a suggestions involving class/groups/clans


- I think it would be very cool if clans or constant squad members could customize their gear, guns, uniform and symbol to the representation of a name or symbol.


These would be like the clans that are in the top 100 in the leader boards. The clans or squads would have like a universal symbol of being good. Like Spetnaz, Navy Seals kinda title in squad. 


Like the whole game Titans idea  Were you have grunts, then you have titans


Like "Omg" we are playing or we are fighting with "so and so" clan. 


Famous tank clan, or sniper clan... etc... Ya know?


I am not  editing this*

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Glad that you used the search function for customization, rankings, special forces, and all that other stuff before going ahead and posting your idea.


Either way, no. Hell no. God no. I'm sure I speak for quite a few people here when I say that clan worship (like in World of Tanks) is absolute cancer. If people want to put a clan tag in their name that's fine and cool and all, but giving them perks for being in a high ranking clan is absurd. Anything that withholds content from the little guy is obtuse in thought and has no place in a game like this.

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