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Contact Zero (EU Tactical)

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Looking for a Squad unit?


  • Tactical Gameplay
  • Friendly Community
  • EU Timezone
  • Plays most nights

About us


Welcome to Contact Zero gaming community. We are focused on building a friendly global multi-gaming community, allowing our players to choose and form divisions within different games, representing Contact Zero. Our members are made up from casual to professional gamers all with the intention of having a good time and building up the community. We mainly play squad, Arma 3 and a few other tactical shooters.


Our website: http://contactzero.co.uk/

Our forums: https://forums.contactzero.co.uk/

Our TS: ts3.valencenetworks.com




  • Working Microphone
  • Speaks English
  • Has Teamspeak
  • 16+

How to apply?


Join our Teamspeak and talk to one of the contact zero members, alternatively sign up to the contact zero website then PM one of the administrators with some details about your self.


Thanks! see you on the battlefield




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