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Looking for a Team? POST HERE

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Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122614769/


Primary Language(s): English


Age (optional): 18


Timezone or Region: PST


Nature of Interest: MilSim, Competitive

I'm looking for a clan that applies practical military tactics, team work, and strategy. I'm a competitive person so I want to win, and have fun doing it. I don't want something super serious, I don't want to go through a 8 hour boot camp and check in every week. I just want a tactical, and teamwork focused group that wants to play to win, and grow as a team/community. I like milsim just not hardcore milsim.


Gaming Background: 500+hrs in Squad, and 2200+ hrs in Arma 3.


Additional Skills: I some mil-sim experience, and have experience in competitive clan vs clan play


Status: "Unsigned" 

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