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RAF faction Ideas.

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6 hours ago, Zhenya said:

RPO would be cool


RPO is out of "structure" scope for squad. They are special items used by CBRND flamethrower units, usually in company size per brigade. That is a little bit "higher-up" than I think squad aim for, however RShG-2 (in service from 2003) is a thermobaric version of RPG-26 that is issued to regular motor-rifle troops and would fill in the role you desire from RPO. 

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10 hours ago, Zhenya said:

What a shame, it would be cool to have thermobaric and fire based weapons.


RShG-1/2 series is thermobaric.RPO is specialised weapon,used by NBC troops.

it's a 7-man squad,4 flamthrovers equipped,3 crewmans(BMO-1 or BMO-T).Against infantry - firepower of them is greather than full infantry platoon.But it's unable to fight against armor.

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