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Who are we?

Fear Academy is a semi-competitive Squad clan, based in Europe. This means that while we participate in tournaments and do regular scrims, we avoid sucking the fun out of the game. Founded around game's Steam launch, we’ve grown into a tight-knit community who in and out of the game, enjoy having a laugh together.


What can we offer you?
A group of skilled and experienced players to play public games with, as well as the ability to play organized Squad. We host various events for our members, such as internal training, scrims and tournament matches against other top clans.


What do we look for in potential members?

We believe in quality over quantity and so look for talented and dedicated players who are interested in playing organized Squad. We consider personality, skill, teamwork, activity and how well potential members mesh with the clan. You must be 18+ before applying.


How do I join?
Those showing interest in joining will undergo a prospecting phase, during we hope to get to know you and for you to know us. The duration of this period depends on how active prospects are. Once most of FA are convinced that a certain prospect would make a worthwhile addition to our team, he or she will be invited to join. If you’re interested in joining us or want to get to know us better, join our Discord and read the #information channel!

Language: English
Time Zone: UTC +1 & 2
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