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Hey guys! Happy to be part of the Squad Alpha, and playing with great team mates, squad Leads, and challenging enemies (when I'm not dealing with LoneWolfs, script kids, or com abusers)


So I posted a few questions in the Squad SubReddit, and one person suggested that I put my post on the official forums. So here is a copy of that post.


Thanks for your time! And thanks for such an intense and thrilling game!


"A couple questions about the range.

-Will there be a time when we can connect with friends in the range?

-Will there be an AI "clearing" area to practice on, for people that would like to casually jump in and just take on some bots?

-And, Does anyone else think the idea of a dedicated training server would be cool? Like a server with some experienced players (that obviously find fun in helping and teaching), showing new players, techniques that could be useful like: correct communication, cqc tactics and so on.

Not only could it be extremely useful for inexperienced, and willing to learn players, but it could be a fun time for all involved. It could be cool to go in and run a few clearings with a red vs blue team, teach people about team work, and get people pumped to get into a real battle after more chilled out courses.

I know there isn't much to do with it now, but it could be useful for new players, and help them get into the right mind set. And as more features, functions, vehicles and, animations get added, there will be more to learn and utilize.

I came from Arma 2/3, and when I tried to jump into an ACE server with experienced players, I had no idea how to use things, how to read things, and just watching some YouTube videos was boring as fuuucccck. By the time I got to using it, I forgot most of what I learned... but through this training server, you can run through it in practice, ask questions, and learn to play the game better.

The server could be 'must to sign up for', or even just a recruitment for a cpl teams. I know it might sound stupid, but I would like to hear some opinions and ideas.

And you're going to be rude, don't waste your time please. I'm looking for a discussion, not an argument."



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