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Interactive map and some more ideas

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I read this topic 




And I have to say this is really great idea.


What about if the map would be possible find in enemies dead body? 

The author of topic suggest some layers/and "visibility rights" for different player ranks. 

Imagine if you "search body" and you are lucky. You will  find map. You open this artefact (chuckle) and see some enemies offensive/defensive/regroup plans. And you can handle this map to your squad leader, or commander.


Sure could be there something like this. You know that you are close to lost a firefight. You decide to destroy all markers on map to prevent revelation of squad/team plans. Sure this will take some time, your overview about surrounding situation was decreased and you losing time. 

I can imagine that during ambush this could be quite impossible and your team can lose important data.  


If you search regular squad member you can see squad plan or very limited plan. Squad leader can have there own/multiple squad plan and high rank leaders could have there whole team plan, even a FOB, tranches, mine fields or orientation markers for repair stations, friendly/enemy artillery positions, LZ's, regroup point or other. Even discover that enemies have marker on your own FOB could be interesting information, because you know that enemy know where is your reinforcement position or where is your HMG, TOW or mortars or diked tank or you find out that they know about your sniper position. And for example pilot could have automatically markers for friendly units and may be more. Shoot down aircraft, and capture pilot could be more fun because of informations. In all conflicts pilots have lots of important informations. 


In insurgency game mode there could be some "lucky mode" and your team can except normal map draws/markers can discover some parts how to get to enemy weapon cash. 


Now there could be few questions.

What will be on map ? Will be there except highlighted captures and forbidden zones automatically droped FOB's  ? or friendlies ? What about if all maps are blank for everybody. And just if squad leader or commanders place marker (and it could be FOB, arrow marker, NATO standart markes for units ,markers for lines of contact and regular drawing pencil markers) and click "Share this marker with other Squad leaders". They got it. And other squad leaders can click "share this marker in my squad"

With this options it will be really dangerous go in action with important informations (markers).

Survival and protecting Commander/Squad leader would be much bigger priority. It could limit situation when Leader go first without point-man and without better tactical plan. Sure this will push on the ability of the leaders. And team cooperation. 


And another. Will be possible "search body" even he is just injured and waiting for medic ? 


But for gameplay this could be quite hardcore and may be it can ruin game because of overdetailed game simulation. PR community has Players for Fun and Simulators Fans. 




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The only way I see something like this fitting in is if it displayed a radius that their rally point was in, even then it depends how they function. Other than that, there isn't a whole lot of actual planning done in your average PR game. It'd basically amount to a few markers placed here and there that without context wouldn't be useful to the enemy looking at them.

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