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Back-up sights for scoped weapons

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So I went forum hunting for "iron sights", "backup sights" and "backup iron sights" but I didn't get what I was looking for. I did go through the 4 pages so I am bound to have missed something.

Will we have backup iron sights for scoped classes? I'm not talking about those rail-mounted sights that you use after removing your scope, or aiming above the RCO, but the iron sights you see on scopes and RU weapons, since they have sidemounted scopes.

So for instance, will we get to use the sights on the SVD when things get messy? I suppose it could give a bit of defence, and the 10-round magazine would stop people from using it like a close quarter battle rifle. And when the British make their entrance, would we get the choice to use the sights atop the SUSAT or the RMR atop the ACOG?

I've seen them in PR (I don't play it, I can't find a server with ping less than 400) so if they could implement it no issue, I suppose the same for SQUAD?

Or is it planned and I am just beating a dead horse? ._.

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