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AAS last flag defence fob or no fob

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Playing map last night can't think of its name (Has storage and village, forest or first op) and the team was being beaten back to village. The squad leader didn't want to build fob in village for fear of loss of extra tickets, which has a valid and prefered tactic by a lot of SL's. But considering medic where complainING of being out of bandages and others without ammo, and his only response you can run back to main.

After pointing out that if we lost the flag, we would be worse position being in ticket bleed, he agreed to place one, but west of the flag saying he didnt want to put it where the enemy would know where we would be.(it was meant to be defended) Thus he create two places to defend. We the defended the flag putting up a vallant defence with a positive squad K/D, the rest of the team threw away tickets like lemming jumping of cliffs. We lost but not from losing the flag.

Personally I think you need defences at last flag, stick an fob, build some defence then remove it, (replace when you need to defend)and trying to defend with out ammo is trying to fight with an arm tied behind your back.Sl's seem to underestimate how much ammo boxes will influence attacks and defence. Spawning 200m away at the main doesn't help if you have to fight you way to the first flag.

Maybe this rant is more consider ammo logistics are as important to a squad as an Automatic rifleman or SL need to think more about the harsh ticket bleed that last flag loss can do more damage than losing an fob.

Happy gaming

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I am a still learning SL never played PR etc but I often try and play it. I try to build a FOB outside Cap. then fortify it for extra hard acess. Wire and what not. Then I request building Ammo furthest possible cover from FOB. Place a few in the vicinity especially when I see guys are dug in and need the Ammo. No running around smoking dodgying bullets. Only way you can take my boys out is maybe nades if you get close enough or 203's.


Still want to build a FOB hidden well then build a fake enclosure so they attack that FFOB (fake forward operating base) hehehe...

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