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My group has been bugging me about setting up a Squad server. I see that the server files aren't just handed out to anyone, but I couldn't find any specific process for asking for the files?


Our group has been around since Battlefield 3 (2011 sometime) and we currently host 11 Battlefield servers (688 slots) that are typically full. We also run a successful Rust server. I have about 25 current active Battlefield admins and 15-20 more previous ones who still play with the group in other games (Rust, DayZ, Start Citizen, etc). 


We have currently have a 3.5ghz CPU & 32gigs of memory dedicated machine that we aren't really utilizing. It is in Chicago's InterNAP datacenter and we would like to utilize this for a Squad server. Who do I have to talk to to make it happen?


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I support this request. CMWGaming is a community of dedicated players that will definitely get a large Squad presence. With other games like ARMA and DayZ within our community games, Squad will be a very welcoming tactical game with a bright future.

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