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El Duderino

Special Roles in Squad

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Hi all,


here is a proposal for handling the access to the special roles in a squad:


special kits should be locked in a squad and only the squadleader should be able to assign them to specific squad members. Like the squad leader right clicks a squad member in the squad menu and assigns him the role "marksman".


The reason for this proposa: like in PR, people join a squad, taking the marksman kit and leave the squad then (in PR most took sniper, HAT and so on).


For which roles this could be done is another question (i think on beginning only rifleman and medic should be unlocked, but lets see what you guys write).




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The people picking whichever role they like as opposed to which your squad needs will be fixed soon enough. It is an upcoming feature that if you get kicked from a squad you will also lose your kit and become a rifleman. You'll just have to cope until then.

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