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[SiN] Strength in Numbers (US Clan)

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So I'll get right down too it. [siN] is a clan I created some years ago now where I didn't want to be bound to a single game and die off as the game does, so the model we chose was one where we embrace many games, this has led to a community of tight friends who play lots of games together, name it and there is probably someone playing it! 


We love to have fun but we like to win so while we can be competitive and have solid tactics we will laugh and BS with the best of them because we are here to have fun! So if you're looking for MIL SIM style management, sorry but we aren't for you. If you want to have fun, no strict rules, and you're not a Dick, asshole or pussy. then come on in and have fun we're drama free and always have a blast weather we're playing ARMA, GTAv, DayZ or Star Citizen.


If you want to know more about us just message me or join our TS and have some fun and get to know us!



Pass: letmein



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We've had our ups and downs with our recruitment as most do but we have a great base of people and we're all good friends which is what's kept us alive. I've been apart of a lot of clans that have died over the years because of drama, poor leadership or the game died. So we set out to be more of a community and less of a clan and it's been great! 

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