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Doc is here! CHICKHEN [Medic]

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Hey all super stoked to have picked up this game and looking to get more involved in the community.

I am sure more than a few Aussies would have heard my frantic cries to not give up as I am extracting that splinter from your foot. ;)

I am new to this style of fps gaming but come from other team based games; dota2 & WoW where I am more then comfortable to take leadership roles. Over the next few days I will be endeavouring to take the SL role on so if you see me on the squad screen, please don't hesitate to join if you are willing to put up with a noob (but rather enthusiastic) SL.

Of course I will remain active as a medic still. ;D

You can find me on the AU BigD servers and occasionally the US servers early mornings.



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Welcome mate, Hope you enjoying the BigD servers. Check out the website if you like :).



Medic... I'm Down!!!!!!

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