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Found 25 results

  1. There needs to be a setting or button you can press to focus in on a specific voice chat channel, especially when squad leading, the command channel is so frequent sometimes and it drowns out what everyone else is saying even if your squad is in critical moments. I know the command channel is important, but no way should a squad lead be attempting to lead his squad in direct combat and not be able to hear or focus on what they're saying in the immediate vicinity compared to other squad leads using command channel to drown out all other audio about something not even relating to you or your section. I've seen someone say even an option to double tap whichever channel you want to focus in on temporarily as a suggestion. I mean, its hard enough to hear your squad and people in your vicinity already because of the combat, and to add in sometimes 5 separate channels going off in your ear? Command chat is important but sometimes its not as important as whats being said in your immediate vicinity.
  2. I searched suggestions before submitting this idea, it's one I've been thinking of for awhile now (and I saw the other focused chat suggestion), which I'm mentioning because of the similar suggestion of using Shift in addition to a squad channel. Quite often I simply need to turn down or turn up a particular channel, mainly squad chat, when I'm encountering enemies in close quarters and I don't need to be distracted by squad chat talking about some random subject, but instead need to hear Local Chat and what they can tell me about nearby enemies. By using Shift + V, B, G + Wheel mouse a person could raise or lower those volumes on the fly Those volume levels would be indicated by using the current system of showing a horizontal bar of who's ever talking and the higher the volume, the longer the bar, the bar would grow or shrink (in real time, on screen) as the wheel on the mouse is moved forwards or backwards with the other two keybinds activated. This would eliminate the need for any on-screen sliders to be adjusted with a cursor. Squad leaders complain daily about the inability to hear the channels they need to pay attention to, and "CLEAR COMS" doesn't work when it comes to other squad leaders, and that social command really only needs to be used when addressing their squads. Thanks guys, this is basically the only game i play 800+ hours and counting
  3. Problem with microphone

    Hi, just wanted to see if anyone has any solution why my mic won't work. I have 2 audio options, 1 is my relatek microphone that worked perfectly fine, discord can hear me perfectly, steam can hear me perfectly. Then i have a USB microphone option, that has an audio options but no sounds comes out of it (supposed to have a mic plugged into it but i have built in microphone on my laptop). Ever since A16, my microphone won't pick up to anyone. It has no microphone symbol when it shows i'm in the squad, but before A16 they could hear me, even when the microphone symbol was not there. I tried going into steam and putting my relatek microphone which tests fine, and in the windows settings, where again it tested fine. But every time i log into a squad match no one can hear me. Any suggestions?
  4. So hear me out. USA vs Russian: If a US player is speaking in local, the Russian team will hear a pre-recorded set of dialogue that a US soldier would yell. If a Russian player is speaking in local, the US team would hear a pre-corded set of diloague that a Russian would yell. Obviously the player on the russian team will actually be speaking english into his mic, but the US players near him will hear the russian voice files, alot like the ambient voices you hear in Escape from Tarkov from scavs etc... it won't actually reflect the info of what the player said into their mic, but the volume of their voice may be able to be mimicked and amplified in a pre-set dialogue based on the position of the enemy players. This would go a LONG way for immersion, especially when it comes to Insurgency type game modes battle middle-eastern insurgency. Let me know what you think of the possibility!
  5. I'm a kid, how will people react towards me and how should I behave? Related - How old are the Squad players (poll threads): FAQ: > Am I allowed to play this game? > Will people accept me or will there be people mocking me or kicking me? > Should I consider anything specific, being a young player? Further questions and discussions may follow below this post. Please keep in mind, this topic may have very variying opinions. Please stay kind and respectful, keep the forum rules in mind and set a better example.
  6. Hello! My idea is still very general, so this post is mainly for brainstorming. I think the way that squad leads interact through voice with their squads should be reworked. I love squad leading, it is very rewarding to lead a team to victory. Sometimes though it seems as though I can’t even hear myself think. My answer to the problem of “congested” comms is fireteams. An SL would be able to offer the role of fireteam lead to squad members for up to 3 fireteams. SL’s would be able to talk to the fire team leads and coordinate certain attacks depending on squad comp. the idea is that the whole squad doesn’t need to hear me say that I need my two man armor to move further east. Or asking my marksmen if my mortars are hitting at the correct location. This frees up squad comms therefore having the SL only talk to other SL’s and their own squad’s fireteam leads. Just inagine: Your squad leading and you have three fireteams. Alpha, bravo and Charlie. Charlie consists of two riflemen/crewman operating armor for close fire support and transport of your squad. Alpha team is your medics, your AT, your LMG, and other riflemen. Bravo is your scout team, a marksman and a automatic rifleman (or scout class depending on faction). You take alpha into OBJ and set up frontline defenses. Your armor is ready to assist, and marksmen scouting ahead for incoming enemies. Everything is organized and everyone can tell you what they need and when they need it. As as a side note: I think a commander should also be implemented, this would be difficult to do though, because in real life a commander would be adept at commanding, I think that is a whole other concept than this and would require another thread.
  7. Hi guys, a friend of mine suggested that instead of enemies not being able to hear local or radio voice, we should be able to hear enemies on local and radio voice but in a jibberish sense, or maybe even have the enemy say real basic phrases (ie. for insurgent-allah akbar, americans-hoorah, etc.. ) I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this before, just thought i would mention it! sounds like a cool idea and adds another element to the battle making voice chat a weapon or a hinderance.
  8. Local voice chat volume?

    While in game, I've had problems hearing teammates in local voice chat unless they're practically right next to me and shouting, and that's even in fairly normal conditions. God forbid there's a vehicle engine or gunfire in the background, because then it's a lost cause. I've had to set my voice chat volume to 200% AND turn down my game effects to 80-ish percent (still working on a good balance) in order to hear anything locally. Squad voice chat is fine, since there's no distance-related volume algorithm in play, but I think local voice chat volume could use a little tweaking. Anyone experience anything similar?
  9. G'day all. I've enjoyed making SP scenarios in the ArmA series in my spare time, for example, this one. I've got a scenario involving spetznas sabotaging CDF equipment in Chernarus circa 2009 that is technically finished, but I need three voice actors who either speak Russian (or are willing to take a tilt at some Russian transliterated into English) to polish it off. Two parts are small (one-two lines each) and one is considerable (around 15 lines). No prior experience required and I'll provide all the details. Please, if you're interested (or you know someone who may be), drop me a PM, reply below or contact me here.
  10. We've all been there. Looking over a zone, wishing you could turn the volume down on the squad chat just for a moment because everyone is screaming over each other while you're just trying to watch your sector in peace. Contact! 30 degrees! And you cant even tell the guy next to you because of all the noise. I suggest we add a sort of "Headset down" button to temporally toggle the volume of the squad chat while keeping local chat at normal levels. Maybe have it so the user can adjust in the settings the percentage of volume drop i.e. 80% of current, 20% of current, etc. Or just have it set to one flat rate of say, 80% quieter or whatever makes sense. This can also be helpful when splitting up and you just want to focus on your fire team.
  11. Enemy Voice Feedback

    I think there should be some way to hear enemies talking when their coms are open. If you are on the USA team, some english wording. If you are on russian, some russian wording. I realize a real translation or displaying real taking might be a problem, but think about if there was just a way to do something like this maybe with pre-recorded messages. When clearing a building, you would also have to silent coms otherwise they could hear your voices coming. You could identify enemy locations in buildings based on their talking. I am not sure that this would be that hard to do especially with the non-english teams where you could just put random words to act as their voice coms. Or maybe there is some type of radio feedback that could instead be implemented so that it makes it a disadvantage to use coms completely when clearing. I think its a bad ass idea.
  12. GER: Hey alle da draußen, ich habe mir mal den Spaß gemacht und mir eine neue Maus geleistet mit dem Hintergrund, Markos in Spielen nutzen zu können. Gekauft habe ich mir die Logitech G502 Gaming Maus. Eine entsprechende Einrichtungs-Software gibts bei Logitech zum download Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass es auch mit jeder vergleichbarer Hardware geht, die Makros unterstützt. Hier aber am Beispiel der G502. Zum Ziel habe ich mir gesetzt, dass ich die Radio-Channels feststellen kann. Evtl kommt das auch mal als Feature mit im Game, aber derzeit ist es womöglich nicht geplant. Wieso ich das so will?, weil ich größtenteils Local-Voice nutze um direkt mit den Leuten aus dem Team Kontakt zu halten und es sofort einen Effekt hat wenn ich direkt Meldung machen kann, ohne erst auf den Knopf zu drücken. Muss aber jeder für sich entscheiden. In hitzigen Situationen, vermeidet es ebenso ein Fignerwirrwarr auf der Tastatur. Schaut euch das Video an, um die Einstellungen zu sehen. ENG: Hey there all!, I've bought me a new gaming mouse with macro features, to use them ingame, as such as in squad to toggle the voice channels. Therefore my G502 from Logitech get's in action. You can download the dedicated software from the Devs-Homepage. I'am pretty sure that any other, macro compatible hardware, will be able to do the same settings like I do in the following video. Why do I do this?: because of tactical superiority, it's much easier to communicate with the surrounding Team-Members by simply start talking, instead of.. press key to talk... Even thoug in some firefights it's causing fingertrouble on the keyboard. Have fun watching the video there I'll explain everything you need to know (but no general settings). Video: English at: 2:28 // Gameplay at the End 5:38 PS: GER: Wenn ihr Fragen habt, fragt! ENG: If you got any questions left, please ask! YT: My YT Channel See you! -Fynn
  13. So imagine this: You have just entered a compound where another teammate is also hiding from the enemy. This teammate is not in your squad--he's in a different squad. You two start talking about the situation and where the enemies are coming from and when you expect help to arrive. Everything is going fine and you feel pretty confident that this guy has your back. Suddenly, the conversation suddenly becomes a one-directional conversation. This is because your teammate's squad started using squad comms for about 20 seconds straight, making him unable to hear you or talk to you in any way. He can do nothing but just sit there, listen to the squad comms, and hope that you aren't telling him something extremely important while his ears are occupide. But because you are not in his squad, you can never really know when he can and cannot hear you, so you don't know when you should and should not talk to him. In a video game, there's no perceptible difference between a guy standing quietly doing nothing and a guy standing quietly having an intense conversation with his own squad. Will this issue be addressed in Squad? Will there be some kind of animation or subtle SFX or anything at all to give you some awareness of whether or not a given player is currently receiving/sending squad comms?
  14. Hi everyone, I thought about the possibility to set a voice activation for the local channel. I don't like the fact you have to push a button to communicate with the person next to you. For the squad channel push-to-talk is fine. Further this also is a solution for the suggestion, that everyone around you should here what you are talking, no matter if you are talking in the squad channel or to someone next to you. Just my thought :D
  15. (Image Source: DoD photo by Master Sgt. Andy Dunaway, U.S. Air Force, photo from article here) Summary: I have the following suggestion concerning the radio and local voice chat. Add the new function "focus-listening" which allows to focus-listen on one particular channel while automatically tuning down the volume of the other channels. Let me explain in more details what I mean and how it could work. How does this feature work: When listing on radio or local chat to conversations, you hold Left-Shift and the corresponding key of the channel you want to listen to. While you do this, the volumes of the other channels are lowered while the full volume of the "focused-listened channel" remains, allowing you to clearly understand what's being said there. I consider this feature not only extremely useful but also realistic. In the real world when using your mobile phone, you often cover your other ear with your hand to cancel out environmenal noices and other people's chatter. A radio can be used exactly in the same way. This also works the other way around. If you hold your radio away from your ear, the radio voices are muted while you can focus on the person speaking next to you. My rationale for focus-listening to one particular radio channel and ignoring other radio channel is this: with a walkie-talkie you would listen only to one particular channel at any given time, not ALL available channel. On a music radio you also listen to only one station, not all stations at the same time. I admit that I don't know how military radios work, but I assume they also listen only to one channel at a time, right? Focus-listening would work just the same once we get radio channels for each squad (numpad 1 to 9). Just hold the Left-Shift and the corresponding number on the numbpad. While you hold down the focus-listen key, you see onscreen an coloured indicator (lets call it "focus-listen indicator") that tells you A: you are currently focus-listening and B: on which channel you are doing this (the indicator is using the colour of the channel, i.e. blue, green or red). It could look like the following icon - it's similar to the speaker icon we see when we actively speak on a channel. The icon below intents to look like an ear shape - please excuse my lack of designer skills - but you get the idea. This icon could appear exactly at the same spot where the speaker icon appears, as both icons cannot appear at the same time (you cannot focus-listen and speak at the same time - to speak, you have to let go of the Left-Shift key). I think the "focus-listen indicator" alone is probably not enough visualization. When focus-listing is active we should also highlight or mark incoming channels in some way to show which of them you are focusing on and which you are ignoring - this will help you even more to home in to the channel you are really interested in and make clear which person you are currently listening to. Here some ideas how this could be visulized on the HUD. Of course, this is optional and just an additional way of aiding the player. Suggestion 1: Use a lighter font colour for un-focused incoming channels and the normal dark font colour on focused channels. Downside: depending on the background, this could be hard to read. I don't like this idea much. Suggestion 2: Cross out channels you are not focusing on. I like this idea. The cross-out is a simple and intuitive visual hint to the player. Suggestion 3: We could also highlight the channel you listen to with an additional icon or marking of some kind. I have no specific idea, but we sure could come up with some design. All these HUD ideas are just my first thoughts/concepts how we can visually indicate focus-listing to the player. I am sure if we set AJAX or the devs to the task they will come up with something much better and workable. Game settings could look like this: We also need the ability to rebind the "Shift" key, as the focus-listener modifier, to another key. Not everybody has long enough fingers to easily reach B when holding Shift. Example: As a Squad Leader you want to focus-listen to an important conversation on the Squad Leader radio channel and ignore loud chatter on the squad radio. You hold Left-Shift and G on your keyboard for as long as you want to focus-listen to the Squad Leader radio channel. While you do this, you will hear the Squad Leader channel on full volume while any chatter on the Squad radio and local voice chat is tuned down and hardly audible. This allows you to fully follow the converation on the Squad Leader channel. Additional sub-features/variations: 1. Optional feature "mute environmental sounds" (highly recommended): We could even go further and reduce the surrounding environmental sounds while we focus-listen on any channel. This is still realistic, as this would also happen in the real world if you covered your ears with your hands and the radio. The benefit of this would be to reduce surrounding noices like machine gun fire and therefore being able to hear what is being said on the radio even in noisy situations. A really useful feature. If we want to be hyper realistic, reducing environmental noises only works when focus-listening to radio channels and not local voice chat as you can hold shut one ear to cancel out the environmental sounds while you press the radio close to your other ear, but you can't do that in any form when listening to local voices next to you with your open ears. 2. Optional feature "close both ears/gun&hand-free vision" (nice-to-have): And for the fun (and realism of it), we can also assign a new button that represents holding shut both your ears with both your hands, i.e. all sounds are slightly muted. If we want to go even further, add animations that have the gun and your hands disappear from view when we do this. Additional benefit: this feature would help taking scenic screenshots without a gun and hands in the way - NICE! I admit, it's a silly idea as muting all sounds in general does not really serve a useful purpose (if you want that, you just turn down your computer/headset speakers) but having a gun/hand-free vision would be really useful to take screenshots. Therefore, completely independent of my suggestion here, we could assign a new key to select no equipment/weapon (for example key 0 (zero) or any other key; it could also just be a console command). This will just remove the hands and weapons/equipment entirely from the screen. Just an idea. I may bring this up in a new suggestions thread some time in the future. 3. Optional feature "use both hands" (not recommended): For hard-core realism, when using focus-listening, force players to let go of the mouse and use both hands on the keyboard to simulate that they would not have a free hand to fire a gun while focus-listening to the radio as both hands are needed to do this. Possible keyboard shortcuts to achieve this: hold down three keys far across from each other on the keyboard, for example Left-Shift + Right-Shift + channel key. This is just taking the original idea further, but in my opinion too far. This would make using the focus-listen feature too annoying and would compromise its practical use ingame. I thought I just mention the idea here to show that taking an idea too far turns it into something counterproductive. Why do we need this feature: We all know that it's hard to follow ANY conversation when you are overwhelmed by simulatenous conversation on multiple channels. This is particularly difficult for Squad Leaders who have to speak on three channels. Yes, as Squad Leader you can tell your guys on the Squad radio to shut up and ask the other Squad Leader to repeat his statement, but often it's annoying and often people won't listen. Yes, the real world is also messy and noisy and you have to deal with it. But in the real world you also have your hands which you can use to cover your ears and you don't listen to multiple channels at the same time. Adding focus-listening to the game would make listening much easier while still being realistic. The control scheme I propose is simple and intuitive. It will not make things more complicated. It will add another level of realism to the game and is just plain practical. I consider this feature as important because it will help communication in Squad - and communication is THE key feature of Squad. Lets make communciation as good and effective as possible. Focus-listening is a small but powerful and useful feature to help with this. Give my post a "Like" if you want to see this feature implemented. The guy in picture below says loud and clearly: "We NEED this feature, ASAP!" What speaks against this feature: Nothing I can think of. I just don't know if it can be easily implemented with Mumble or not. (Image Source: Copyright Steve R., direct link, more amazing picture by Steve here)
  16. This is a weird issue. I think i have two issues. One Mic is not recognize by Squad. It does work on Windows and in Steam. I can`t check other games because currently this is the only game i have that i could use Mic for. When i speak i don`t see my name on the low corner. So i don`t think it`s working. the second issue is that when i join a squad, i lose sound completely. Some beeps beeps here and there but no sound at all. No sound effect, communication nothing. Like i said on window it works perfectly. Head-seat is PX5 turtle beach. I have it setup as Default as recorder and player sound on windows. Any idea? i don`t want to go and by a mic just for this game
  17. Greetings, I have a suggesion, when a player dies or is unconscious the voice communication is disabled (both squad and local), this would add some depth to the game and also would remove the exploit of giving information on enemy position when down, I will go as far as calling it "ghosting". Also it would allow for weapon silencers to have a use in game. PS: I checked the forums to find any similar topics, could not find any, but if there is something dont hate. Peace
  18. After some discussion in another thread, a few people agree'd that one of the ways we could eliminate the friction that has existed since PR between mic-players and no-mic players getting kicked out of a squad due to it being made for one or the other is creating a checkbox for an option during squad creation named "Mic Required". Checking this box would put a green-highlighted mic symbol next to the squad's title, leaving it unchecked would make it have a grayed out mic symbol. This also let's us get rid of the meta of putting VOIP, VOIP Only, or whatever in a Squad's name taking up valuable space. This way players can easily tell if they need a Mic to play in a certain squad or not, minus the drama.
  19. So last night I was in game for the first time in 2 weeks. Worse, it was my first time in an FPS in two weeks. I was running on instinct for the first while and my instincts were rusty. Anyway, as I rounded a corner I saw someone hide behind a building wall. Instantly I considered rushing the bugger, but realized (thankfully) this is Squad and if I rush in I'm just going to die while spraying bullets everywhere but on my target. So I moved to the right and slowly approached. My target must have thought I went away because he came running out. This was not a great choice for him because immediately I helped him spring a few leaks. As the "Teamkill" message came up I realized he was wearing the same uniform as I was. "Well poop!" I thought at the same time as feeling glad I had just spawned in as a Medic. About 15 minutes later it dawned on me that I should have used local chat to ask if he was friendly... this is always a good option when you can't tell who someone is. That's my "Thing that is unique to Squad which I forgot about." What's yours?
  20. Hey guys, When playing pr:bf2 you have the ability to do this: (Because of mumble as voip system) I configured it so that the game sound is on my sound system and the voip is on my headphones. I think this is a realy great possibility: -you allways hear your teammates, even if you are under fire -it enhances the atmosphere I think it would be nice to have this possibility in squad. don't know if something like this is possible. I realy like this setup and maybe there are other players here wo have it this way, too.
  21. Hello guys. I have massive 30-40 fps, but when someone starts to talk on squad voice, i get 5fps. What to do now. Amd fx6300 six core Amd radeon r7 series 2gb 2x4gb geil evo ddr3 1866MHz RAM
  22. The game runs really well for me. My problem is the voice chat. I can hear other players, They cant hear me. My mic works, I can be heard in other games. Just not squad. When I press the key binding for my voice chat, my name pops up, but no sound. Any ideas how to fix this. I really want to try the squad leader role but I am unable to because of this issue.
  23. First off having a great time streaming/recording Squad this week...some epic moments. But I have run into a technical issue. When I stream/record the stream or/and finished recording doesn't pick up the VOIP that is going on in game. The audience can hear me just fine but they aren't hearing the other players (although I can hear them in my headset). In games are recorded/streamed just fine it's only the voices that are not showing up. Thoughts?
  24. (Disclaimer: I have not noticed if this is already in Squad and have not played in the past weekend, sorry in advance if it is) A small voice indicator above nearby allied soldiers and unconcious bodies talking in local chat would really ease the potential pains in Squad that PR had- locating and reviving the correct unconcious squad mate's body out of a sea of other corpses. This indicator could be in the form of a simple "speaker" icon above someone's head or a slightly more complicated animated "voice volume" icon which does not have to represent the mic output but would move when it is turned on.
  25. A problem I've had with in PR (no complaints about how it is considering the effort put into the solutions) is that when a squad talks to my squad, all I get is somebody's name. I have to look up which squad that player is in to find out which squad it was. Sometimes the SL is polite enough to say which squad he is in so I can get back to him easily, but that still doesn't solve the problem. The issues is, "What does that squad do?" Was that the TANK or an INF squad? Is it the Recon squad talking or the APCs over at Obj Delta? --- Please allow the commander comms channel to display the squad number and name for quick reference. i.e. [sqd 2 - TANK] [sqd 8 - Mech Inf 2] [sqd 3 - Recon] [sqd 1 - Mortars] [Commander] I'm not sure if SMs need it as well. [Xmas monster - AR] [Happy Tree Friend - Medic] [Thorrrr - SL]