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Found 23 results

  1. It's something I've been waiting for a looooong long time for, and we finally got a first look at it. The new Insurgent models, as the faction is going to get overhauled in terms of aesthetics. What do you think about the models? Personally I love them, only that they may be a little bit too well equipped. Generally in Syria and Iraq you see people in jeans and a ragged tshirt and some adidas football cleats, the only piece of military equipment being some old vietnamese rip-off chestrig. But they do look great indeed.
  2. V10 downgrade

    One of the greatest features in Squad was realistic true first person camera, so when you sprinted you could free-look up/down, when ADS your head would lean into sights and not the other way, not only you got rid of it in V10, you introduced bs like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpFkMPkniAY
  3. EAC Game Error on Launch

    I recently reinstalled Squad on an SSD, and now I'm getting an error caused by EAC. Error Code: 20006 (Cannot create service(StartService failed: 193)) https://gyazo.com/a29fd5a4e26a7515255a25fa09863501 No idea why this happens. I've tried reinstalling the game, making sure my Windows is up to date, tried to reinstall EAC, etc, with no results. Edit: Here's the error log. GameID: 55 (32bit) Windows Version: 10.0 (Build 16299) Error Code: 20006 Process Exit Code: 0h UUID: f2d14eb1-d9f3-253c-a764-b30c7b12f397 Processes list: adobeupdateservice.exe agsservice.exe applicationframehost.exe audiodg.exe chrome.exe cmd.exe conhost.exe corsairlink4.exe corsairlink4.service.exe csrss.exe ctfmon.exe dashost.exe discord.exe dwm.exe epmd.exe erl.exe explorer.exe fontdrvhost.exe gjagent.exe gystation.exe hamachi-2-ui.exe hamachi-2.exe ipoverusbsvc.exe jucheck.exe jusched.exe lcore.exe lmiguardiansvc.exe logmeinsystray.exe lsass.exe memory compression microsoft.photos.exe msascuil.exe msmpeng.exe netsession_win.exe nissrv.exe nssm.exe nvcontainer.exe nvdisplay.container.exe nvidia share.exe nvidia web helper.exe nvoawrappercache.exe nvsphelper64.exe nvtelemetrycontainer.exe onedrive.exe origin.exe originwebhelperservice.exe pnkbstra.exe qtwebengineprocess.exe ravbg64.exe rtkngui64.exe runtimebroker.exe searchfilterhost.exe searchindexer.exe searchprotocolhost.exe searchui.exe securityhealthservice.exe services.exe settingsynchost.exe shellexperiencehost.exe sihost.exe skypehost.exe smartscreen.exe smss.exe spoolsv.exe spotify.exe spotifywebhelper.exe squad_launcher.exe steam.exe steamservice.exe steamwebhelper.exe svchost.exe systemsettings.exe taskhostw.exe taskmgr.exe twitch.exe twitchui.exe win32sysinfo.exe wininit.exe winlogon.exe wmiprvse.exe wudfhost.exe
  4. Fatal error, crashing

    Been getting the error stating i'm running out of video memory trying to allocate a texture. This always seems to happen at the most inopportune times, and there is no coming back as it crashes my whole game. Anyone else experiencing this? A way to fix. my specs GTX 1070 8gb 8gb ddr4 ram 1tb hdd i5 6400
  5. Our wait is almost over comrades! I don't know how am I going to make it to tomorrow but luckily Project Reality 1.5 is released today so that should help.
  6. Vault/climb penalties The vaulting system in v10 alpha was great! However, I'm suggesting that some of the higher vaulting and climbing be accompanied with more penalties: make it slower and make it drain stamina. Parkour ninjas was a thing in the alpha and even though it was fun I don't like it for gameplay and realism. I like the opportunity vaulting brings, it allows for sneaky tactics etc, but I rather see that a squad blocked by barbed wire in an alley way (between a house and a fence) dig those wires away instead of jumping up on the fence, walking like cats on it and then jumping back down. There should be more penalties to high vaulting and climbing so that the decision of choosing that path isn't always the obvious choice. The weight of military gear should be more accounted for. I think this guy put it quite good on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/7lnw0o/the_new_vaulting_mechanics_are_great/ Fall damage Also, I think many people don't appreciate the difference to fall damage when carrying gear (not even alot of gear) as compared to being free of gear. During conscription we were even adviced not to jump from our APCs because of the 1m fall, which could result in damage to feet and knee joints in the long run. In the v10 alpha, we could jump from roof tops and high walls without penalties that just didn't seem realistic; maybe we could get to climb down instead?

    So, like in Project Reality, before the round even starts, Squads would be created signifying which vehicles they would claim and how only that squad would utilize it. I don't want it exactly like Project Reality, but I am hoping that in the upcoming updates there will be vehicle-dedicated squads and they would have priority for that vehicle. I'm specifically talking about heavily armored vehicles like Tanks, 30m vehicles, armored fighting vehicles, etc.. Adding dedicated squads to these types of vehicles allows squads to focus on their role in the game. Often times I find infantry squads that try operating Styrkers and coordinating with their infantry don't communicate effectively, as opposed to a 4-man squad solely operating two strykers. Please tell me what you think, and add in anything you want regarding this! Thanks!
  8. POLL - v10

    Hello Squad community! While streaming this game on Friday, I heard many great things about this new update. Playing with the new animations, accuracy value changes and much more content was exhilarating and gave me the mental high I received while first playing this game. I heard a rock solid reply to almost everyone I asked; they do not want v9 anymore (and some refusing to play again until v10 comes out!). There is no question of v10 not being ready, but I want to make sure that the feedback I got was not server-biased but included with the entire community. Thanks, FlowBeatBoxTV P.S, if you can't play the game but can watch it, come view my stream on twitch! /flowbeatbox
  9. Hey guys, I finally just made an account to post on the forums, though I have over 700 hours in the game and care about it greatly. I am really stoked for V10 since the public beta and love the fact that drop shooting is going the way of the dino. With that said I want to make a suggestion to improve it a little bit; The suggestion: When you hit "z" to prone and your character initiates the animation, allow the player to hit '"z" again mid animation to drop to the ground even quicker but suffer a massive penalty to accuracy and a 3-5 second time gap to align while ADS after hitting the ground. The reason for this suggestion: The new animation to go prone is excellent but is way too slow/casual for trying to hit the ground when you suddenly start taking fire. I fully understand that with all the gear a soldier carries one doesn't simply drop onto his stomach. However if its a matter of life or death you should have the option to hit the dirt faster than the V10 beta animation allowed BUT at an induced penalty that prevents immediate instant return of fire. What do you guys think? Regards, Luko
  10. i spotted two bugs, look the video
  11. v10 Weapon Resting

    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on implementing some sort of weapon resting for weapons that do not have a bipod? I don't necessarily mean it needs to have the same stabilization capabilities as the machine guns with the bipod but being able to rest a weapon on a wall would do wonders for the game I feel.
  12. M240B

    One thing I noticed while using the M240B and observing others using it is that when running and in the prone the soldier has his support hand forward under the heat shield of the gun. As a military member myself and having personally handled this weapon on a regular basis, due to its weight, I can testify to the fact that holding the weapon that way is very unrealistic unless you are a massive massive human being. Maybe as the soldier runs the animation could be tweaked to showing the large sling that is used in conjunction with the M240B as well as the support hand holding the carry handle. Essentially, anytime that weapon is moved from point to point a soldier is more likely to use that carry handle because it is such a large weapon system. Same goes for when the soldier is in the prone. That weapon is always used with a bipod so the support hand is always back towards the rear either over the stock or under the firing hand. Just my two sense from what I've observed. Not so much a bug but rather a point to accuracy of how those weapons systems are employed in real life.
  13. Fall damage

    I noticed falling still makes you bleed, if you fall from a high enough place. Instead falling could inflict damage for a certain amount of time after falling, that would be triggered by walking. E.g. You fall. Take initial damage. A timer starts. If you walk before the timer runs out you receive damage for every step. You receive more damage, if you run. Maybe have it tied to the jump bar aswell. Firstly it'd give the player feedback that it's happening, when the bar is red. Secondly you wouldn't be able to just keep jumping over stuff after falling and bruising your ankle or whatever. Either way, having to waste a field dressing because you landed funny feels gamey and is unneccessarily punishing.
  14. Hmm, what's this?

    So I was just looking through the November recap because I love watching the animation GIFs (clearly I can't wait for v10) but my browser just happened to freeze on this image... could we be seeing an RPG-26 with v10? Are there other things coming that haven't been mentioned? You might notice that there's a scoped auto rifleman kit with the specialist area and an un-scoped with rifleman, this makes me think M249 with optics could be likely as well. Very curious indeed. Edit: I'm aware that the RPG-26 has already been shown with a full render in various monthly recaps, the point is it was not mentioned that it would be added in v10, so that's what I'm speculating on.
  15. Does Anyone Know What The Gun Is Called For The American Faction's Machine Gunner When It Gets Released?
  16. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    With the introduction of v10, the 3 minute pre-match spawn timer will be replaced with a 3 minute staging period located inside your respective team's main base. The purpose of this staging period is to organize your squad and communicate with other members of your team to coordinate a cohesive battle plan. To minimize griefing, you will be unable to fire your weapon during this time. However, based off the gif found in the November Recap, it appears vehicles will still be operable. While the prospect of griefing is significantly less likely to occur within the confines of a vehicle, the opportunity is still ever-present. There are a number of ways vehicles can potentially be abused before the match begins. Off the top of my head, some examples include: running over teammates, ramming other vehicles (possibly causing them to flip), and blocking off any exits out of main, which could severely hamper your team's initial rollout. Additionally, there are other, less obvious ways of griefing, such as using a vehicle's engine noise to drown out any form of inter/intrasquad communication (I'm looking at you MT-LB). Every game has its share of trolls, but by disabling vehicles prior to round start, the feasibility of griefing is even further diminished. If disabling vehicles outright is seen as too extreme, then perhaps being unable to start a vehicle's engine is the way to go. You'd still be able to load up into vehicles, you just wouldn't be able to go anywhere or create any unnecessary noise until the game actually begins. The pre-match staging period has been a highly anticipated feature for some time now; I'd hate to see it released in a potentially abusable state. Thoughts?
  17. Permanent zoom? NO!

    Ironsight weapons will have a very slight permanent zoom increase when aiming down the sights to increase the ability to effectively return fire against scoped opponents. Can we have a menu option to toggle this on or off as we please? If off in menu, there will be no zoom watsoever in any ironsighted guns, including HMG, techies, side-guns on choppers, etc. That is just for scopes
  18. While I was reading through that recent development update, I could barely contain my excitement. I don't think a lot of us players quite knew just how big this is going to be, I mean I knew about the animation and bi-pods both of which are certainly exciting, but I was not ready for all the other beautiful changes coming. I go on these forums all the time and it really seems like you guys are paying close attention to every bit of feedback we give because tons of the suggestions I've seen or even made myself have been specifically addressed, like that part in the update about losing accuracy when going prone - I can't help but wonder if that was mentioned because of a post that I made which would be totally cool! (Not taking credit, I'm sure I wasn't the only one to have that idea). I believe V10 is the update that's going to make squad feel less like an alpha and more like a finely tuned masterpiece. Thanks.
  19. So as you all know the sound system WILL get overhauled in the hopefully-not-so-far future. I made this thread so we can maybe somehow "help" the devs and give them suggestions on the sounds and such. First off, here is a video, although with blanks instead of real rounds (Real rounds are quite louder than a blank) showing off how gunshots should sound in an urban environment: Loud and echo-ey: Now, on the other hand, we have INCOMING fire. SONIC CRACKS. These are missing from the game. This is not as great of an example but I could not find any better. Very loud pops and cracks, like a whip cracking inches from your ears. We also have distant sounds. I feel as if they are too quiet. An explosion 100-150 meters already sounds relatively quiet and distant, when in real life, a distant explosion would be approx 400 meters. Here's a good example of distant sounds: Keep in mind that ALL of the examples I gave are in URBAN environments, so this would be fitting for Basrah and Narva, but not for maps such as Logar Valley. I know the sound designers know much more than all of us combined, and are striving to make sounds as realistic as possible, but I hope we can also contribute with a few examples.
  20. In the recent recap of the animation it shows the guy bandaging himself and you can see it wrapped around the guy. Will it be shown in 3rd person view so would a teamplayer see it?
  21. V10

    Jo guys any info about V10? Contents and release date? Thought it were coming in April