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      Please ensure when posting a new thread, that the thread is located inside the correct forum section. Check all forum section titles to judge where your thread should belong. Threads created in the wrong forum section will be moved or deleted.
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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
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Found 18 results

  1. If you've seen some footage of the Iraqi troops battling ISIS, you will notice that they are packing heat from the US. They have a bunch of hand-me-down gear like humvees, m16s, m249s, Abrams, etc. However, they still use their old soviet era weapons and vehicles alongside the US ones. It would be a US Army and Militia hybrid army. They are a force to be reckoned with and will be no pushover against factions like the Insurgents or Militia, but will have a harder time going against more conventional and modern armies like Russia, US, or Great Britain. I hope this will be an extended discussion where we can turn this into reality. Below are some images I've pulled from Google to help convey my points.
  2. Our clan's main purpose is to build a community of like minded players and get the best experience possible in gaming. our community fallows ancient roman theme and implements ancient roman army ranking system within a gaming framework of course. we are not a hardcore group by any means, when we started with a small group of friends we have kept the idea of just having fun with people that are not toxic and love squad. as our community has grown we participate on squad events and tourneys for those of us that want a more competitive experience but it it not necessary for all members. we are just a chill clan that loves squad. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS no application needed just join our discord and come and say hello and let us know if your interested or just hang out in discord till you decide. Us based clan but everyone is welcome please dm a officer when you arrive on discord. https://discord.gg/jXZwZ7G
  3. The 7th Legion now recruting

    Legio septima Claudia (Claudius Seventh Legion) was a legion of the Imperial Roman army. Its emblem, like that of all Caesar's legions, was the bull, together with the lion.The Seventh, the Sixth, the Eighth and the Ninth were all founded by Pompey in Spain in 65 BC. With the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth legions, the Seventh was among the oldest units in the imperial Roman army. They were ordered to Cisalpine Gaul around 58 BC by Julius Caesar, and marched with him throughout the entire Gallic Wars. The Roman commander mentions the Seventh in his accaunt of the battle against the Nervians, and it seems that it was employed during the expedition through western Gaul led by Caesar's deputy Crassus. In 56, the Seventh was present during the Venetic campaign. During the crisis caused by Vercingetorix, it fought in the neighborhood of Lutetia; it must have been active at Alesia and it was certainly involved in the mopping-up operations among the Bellovaci. Legio VII was one of the two legions used in Caesar's invasions of Britain, and played a crucial role in the Battle of Pharsalus in 48 BC, and it existed at least until the end of the 4th century, guarding the middle Danube. Tiberius Claudius Maximus, the Roman soldier who brought the head of Decebalus to the emperor Trajan, was serving in Legio VII Claudia. An inscription in Pompeii revealed that a certain Floronius also served in the seventh legion. The inscription says: "Floronius, privileged soldier of the 7th legion, was here. Our clan's main purpose is to build a community of like minded players and get the best experience possible in gaming. this clan fallows ancient roman theme and implements ancient roman army ranking system within gaming framework of course. we still a fairly new clan with around 50+ members with alot of room for growth and opportunities. so if you are the type of person that like to be involved in the young stages of things and see things evolve this is for you. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS 100 hours in Squad are required to be full member aka Legionary if you have less than 100 hours you can join our clan in a specific rank set for new recruits learn from the veterans until you complete hours and then rank up. no application needed just join our discord and come and say hello and let us know if your interested or just hang out in discord till you decide. Us based clan but everyone is welcome please pm for discord inv thanks Youtube http://www.youtube.com/c/7thLegionGaming
  4. Looking for a fun /funny clan

    Looking for a clan for a buddy and I. We're both medics but comfortable playing other roles (me as SL, if needed). Mostly EST play times. We're looking for something like ZF clan (don't take it too seriously) but still play to win. Hit me up! <3
  5. Pros: - Server has good NA speeds Cons: - Limited Rule Set that allows a lot of misconduct - Does not encourage team play - Admins are trolls Take Away: - If you're looking to be a troll or to mess around without any seriousness then this server is perfect. Otherwise don't let the good ping trick you into wasting your time.
  6. Just created on 11/28/17. I want to clan name to be organic; so I'm not going to make one up, we as a team will figure one out that suites us. Looking for 11 active individuals that love Squad and play squad A LOT. Those who play in the evenings and want to be apart of a tight-knit team to build chemistry and mastery around all roles, this will be the limit-spaced team to be on. Join me on Discord if you're interested! Or add me on Steam. https://discord.gg/tRnHqtZ http://steamcommunity.com/id/DaClabe Will answer all questions below too.
  7. I think a USMC faction would be cool. What do yall think?
  8. In game we have Marksmans - guys, who have DMR's and are not so different from soldier with optic on his AK or M4. But what if real sniper class was added? Like 1 or 2 for a team. For example-militia can use Mosin-Nagant rifle(1 photo), insurgents can use same Mosin or Kar98k( photo 2 and 3), US can use M40 or Harris M-86 (photo 4 and 5), russians will use СВ-98 (6 and 7). What do you think about this? Eastern-ukrainian terrorist with Mosin-Nagant Mosin and Kar 98k in Syria M 40 and Harris M-86 СВ-98
  9. House2House-Basrah

    Close battle between US Army and Insurgent Forces. House to House
  10. American Militia?

    Wouldn't it be nice if they eventually developed an American Militia...?.... full of blue-jeans, tennis shoes, velcro vests, flag hats, imported AKs, old AR15s, and tapco SKSs......? Either way, i would like to see an unconventional US forces, irregulars... or even contractors/mercenaries...
  11. So inevitable playing Militia and Insurgents they'll be strong (having scopes) but the guns have less recoil and are far more accurate, in addition to that the CROW decimates infantry and vehicles (including the BTR) without any problems from hidden positions. M249s that are laser guns while prone and having objectively the best gun in the game for every other member of your squad. In game there is a lot of bitching from Militias getting pushed to main pretty much every other map they play on (at least on pubs) What can be done to close the gap a bit? The militia can't get within 3 grids of the CROW without dying, the infantry have the best weapons and push even further. Right now, the militia don't have the capacity to deal with a well played US team.Militia can play well (even following the shitty meta right now that is to rush the enemy's second cap) and still get utterly destroyed. Once bipods are in I think it might even out a bit, even if it's only non-US factions that need them.
  12. If you do not know, here is the trailer: The Last Of Us. The first game of "The Last Of Us" was a very hyped game, and it was worth the hype since the story was well written and you felt something of the characters. Now me, I am not one who cries. I barely do, but this game right here, this story made me cry. I felt something, the characters made me feel, made me believe that they really do exist in their world, that I am put into their world with them through every moment. I really loved the first one, I even bought the PS4 for the Remastered edition and played it through once more on the highest difficulty. I hated the sewers, barely any ammo, basically melee through out. But what do you guys think? Excited for the Last Of Us 2? If my grammar or wording is weird IDGAF, lets talk about the upcoming game. Comment anything you want to see new in the game! (Gameplay, crafting, level design ect.) Comment anything about the game and what you're excited for!
  13. Criticism V7

    Hello! Dear DEVs, I hope you’ll solve all performance problems (thank gods, now I have more reliable CPU). But I found new problems, which I think would be solved also: 1) Vehicle stuck. BTR has 8x8 wheel formula and he can’t stuck in the fence with 0.5m height. Anyway would be great have a tow truck, which can pull the vehicle - for example, MTLB for RAF. 2) US infantry superiority. US army now has better rifles than in past (amazing control) and BEST camo in all terrains. Maybe time of assymetric warfare has come? Delete from RAF optics and give them disposable anti-infantry RShG-2. There is another way to assymetric – give extra-GL kit for RAF, this staff extremely popular in conflicts, which RAF had. Militia also needs to be correct with camouflage suits. Remove this shitty woodland-style pants – they are very bright to all terrains (wood, desert, fields). For example, old–style “flora” is pretty awesome camo. As you know KS-23 is a police shotgun. Much militias were in police and they have access for police-arsenal on controllable territory. If you want KS-23 to be in game — try to give it for Militia’s medic (for example). 3) Unrealistic arsenal for squad. Pls, remove from RAF AKS-74 – this rifle uses only by National Guardians (Internal troops in past). Russian Army has AK-74M in service and squad members hasn’t a side-arm, include SLs, medics, machine-gunners and snipers (marksmen in your terminology). 4) I think yall know about unable to use bunker with m2a1. 5) Maybe separate of radial-menu can be more comfortable? 3D-spot for another key, and RP and FOB for T-key.
  14. U.S. Sniper

    I have a good idea! On the Taliban Side there is a sniper, Why isn't there one on US side? The US Sniper should have A M40 Rifle w/ a 5 round mag (5 of them) M9 with 4 clips (as in real life) Radio to contact other troops encase of a Ambush. Material to Make a snipers nest. (MAYBE) A Night vision scope when it is night time. Possibly a Ghillie suit. A Laser Range Finder (For the assistant) Binoculars Please Reply if you like this idea!!!
  15. My idea for a US-specific militia to fight National Guard, and militarized police forces. Being a militia, I really hope that character customization feature is added sometime because there are lots of camos and accessories. <font size="6">Militia:<font/> <font size="4">Infantry:<font/> It's safe to assume most of their rifles would be converted to full-auto. Squad leader" Loadout 1: MOE AR-15 with foregrip and Eotech or LRP mounted Aimpoint micro, and PMAGS. I see both. (Let's ignore the handguard length difference.) Loadout 2: (For more long-range play.) Something like Daniel Defense's V11 rifles but with an ACOG and maybe a B-5 stock or something similar. Don't judge me, I've seen stuff like that before. Pistol: The glock 19 is the most popular concealed carry gun in the US. I think it would be an appropriate sidearm. But the M1911 is just popular in general. Unique appearance: Plate carrier will include pistol holster and magazine pouches for pistol. Optional cowboy hat. Can be brown leather or a more desert color. Gorgeous facial hair options. Rifleman: Loadout 1: AR-15 with carry handle and iron sights. Loadout 2: AR-15 with A4 upper and StrikeFire on rail. Loadout 3: AR-15 with carry handle, scope mount and 4x20 AC10838. Loadout 4: AKM with polymer handguard, rails, M4 stock, and waffle magazines. Automatic Rifleman. Loadout 1: ARES-16 (without that ACOG). Loadout 2: Stoner LMG (with bipod). Marksman: Loadout 1: Okay, so a marksman's AR-15 is an AR with a 20-24" barrel; a quad-rail, free-floating handguard; a "precision-adjustable stock" (PRC); a UTG or a there-has-to-be-a-better-name-for-this-thing panther-style grip; a bipod; a 20 round magazine; and something similar to a Vortex Strike Eagle scope. I've seen many use smooth tube handguards as well. I came up with this build based of the most popular equipment for a DMR-15. I can't show a rifle with these exact modifications but here's some reference photos to help visualize and also gun pr0n. Loadout 2: M14 with the same scope. Unique appearance: Optional ghillie hood with a few camouflage options. Like desert, grassland, woodland, etc. Ghillie hoods only cover the top half. Grenadier: M16A2 style AR-15 with an M203. Unique appearance: A grenade belt. Sniper: M24. Unique appearance: Same as marksman, ghillie hood. Sapper: Americans love to barbecue. So we're bound to have plenty of propane tanks lying around. And I can't help but think that in the event of a citizen vs. government civil war, the militants would resort to IED's. Propane IED's would be used against infantry. For vehicles, an ANFO bomb. Civilian: Does what the PR civilians did. Or whatever the devs have planned. He'll wear a white t-shirt and jeans. Maybe a little bit of facial hair. Frag grenade: M61. Smoke: Knife: M9 bayonet. Appearance customization for all classes: Woodland: 2nd generation ERDL, forest MARPAT, and multicam. Desert: Desert MARPAT, tricolor desert, multicam and this one sandy camo that I've seen but can't find the name of. Edit: It's ATACS arid, I can't believe no one ever told me. Grassland: Urban: UCP. Customization features for all militants (Unless you're wearing the ghillie hood, you won't be able to put on some headwear.): Shemagh can be worn covering face and head or just face. Will have pattern for desert and woodland. Boonie, baseball cap, or the JonTron (flat top hat.) Can come in any listed camo. Tactical sunglasses: Maybe some boot and glove customization. Feel free to suggest. That concludes the Militia infantry section. <font size="4">Vehicles:<font/> M998 Humvee: These Humvees are a bit different than normal humvees. The "back" is taken off an usually replaced by a woven covering. They almost always have 3-color woodland camouflage but some are available in the desert scheme. Deuce and a Half: A WW2 truck still sees some use today. Used as transport and logistics truck. Pickup truck: The pickup truck, an American icon. Durable and capable of carrying loads, this can serve as transport and light resupply. A version with a .50 on the back would be nice. Large pilothouse boat: A boat with a closed cabin for the driver. Larger ones look like they may be able to hold an entire squad if they cram in there. Charter boat: Due to much larger size, charter boats will be bale to accept a .50" or 2. Emplacements: Flexible, twin 50 cals for anti air. And then of course the standard barricades, fort, single 50 cal, etc. <font size="6">Police:<font/> <font size="4">Infantry:<font/> Squad Leader: M4 with EOTech and foregrip. Sidearm is a Glock 17. Breacher: Will have the same stuff as a PR breacher would. Or, again, whatever the devs have planned. Loadout 1: Remington 870 with pistol grip and that sort-of M4 stock. Shotgun will have option for beanbag ammunition to subdue civilians. Loadout 2: M4 with EOTech. Grenadier: M32 grenade launcher and M4 with EOTech. Unique appearance: A grenade belt like the one for the militia. Vehicle Crew Member: I'd assume most crew members would be issued a pistol but that wasn't the case in PR and I don't think it'll work like that in Squad either. The crewman will get an MP5. Unique appearance: I can't find a picture of a police vehicle crew, just their head poking out the driver cupola. But from that, they seem like a regular LAV crew but I'd assume with black camouflage. Marksman: Mk110 SASS with bipod. Unique Appearance: Marksmen and snipers can both be seen wearing either just a balaclava or a black baseball cap with "POLICE" written on it. They'll wear the standard kevlar helmet too. Sniper: Remington 700 with bipod. LAT: M4 with EOTech and AT-4. The police don't have AT-4's but I'm 100% sure they'd upgrade in the event of a civil uprising. Everyone else gets an M4 and EOTech or doesn't exist. (Automatic rifleman, HAT, etc.) All classes get handcuffs. Frag grenade: M67 Smoke grenade: M18 Knife: M9 Appearance: A plate carrier with Deltoid armor. It's like sleeves for a plate carrier. On the sleeves, there will be a patch of the police force. And of course the backwards US flag. They'll wear military boots, forest MARPAT pants, and and olive drab-looking t-shirt. A black kevlar helmet is a must. <font size="4">Vehicles:<font/> Lenco Bearcat: An armored car with gun ports. MRAP (armed): Sticking with the idea of police upgrading, imagine a 50 cal on that turret. MRAP (unarmed): It doesn't even have the turret. M113 (unarmed): M113 (armed): Again, the same as above with a 50 cal. LAV-150(?) (unarmed): LAV-150 (armed): With a whopping 90mm cannon. One of the main heavy hitters of the police forces. LAV-300(armed): The LAV you saw earlier in the infantry section was an unarmed LAV-300. Usually this LAV is armed with a 90mm cannon but for balancing, I think we should go with the 25mm version. This will be the other main heavy of the police forces. RHIB boat (armed): With a 50 cal. AH-6 Littlebird (unarmed): AH-6 Littlebird (CAS): Armed with 2 miniguns and 2 7-tube rocket pods. Emplacements are standard stuff. But no TOW launchers. <font size="6">National Guard:<font/> <font size="4">Infantry:<font/> Carbon copy of US Army faction but with ACU and AT-4's for the LAT. And no ugly FAST helmets. <font size="4">Vehicles:<font/> Humvee (armed): Humvee with 50 cal turret. LMTV: Logistics and transport. M2 Bradly: M1A2 Abrams: UH-72 Lakota: Light transport and scouting. UH-60 Black Hawk: AH-64 Apache: CH-47 Chinook: Am I missing something? I seriously cannot find anything on naval craft for the NG. And I know the Air National Guard has F-16's, 15's, and A-10's but that would be OP AF. Leave your own suggestions and criticisms.
  16. 38th Infantry Division Power in Numbers We are a clan that focuses on having fun over anything else. Although we consider ourselves a casual clan, we do like to keep order. Therefore, we do have hierarchy, awards, and strive to play in a realistic manner. You do not have to be great at the game to join us, you just need to have some experience playing Squad and you need to be able to listen to your commanding officer. There will be scheduled dates and times where we will get together in order to play Squad. You will not be required to attend all of these events. However, we will remove you from the roster if we feel you are becoming inactive. Also keep in mind that Squad is not the only game that we play. Interested? Join our Teamspeak server. 38thinf.teamspeak3.org
  17. I used to play Diablo III on US server, (they said it's better than Asia server). So I have no idea what is the best server while I play Squad.
  18. 75th Ranger Regiment

    Hello this is my first post pretty much ever. Anyways I searched and could not find anything about the Army Rangers as a playable faction. I think that the Rangers would be a great faction to implement into the game due to the fact they they are Light Infantry. This is like a hybrid between Conventional Warfare and Special Warfare. What makes the Rangers great is that they can do Special Operations but also often do the same things as Regular Infantry. The game would be great with them in it. Pros: *Better gear (we can keep the OPSCORE and airframe helmets) *more versatile for game modes *might appeal to more players *would not have to change anything about the game other than maybe eventually updating plate carriers to look more authentic Cons: *slightly more (very minimal) modeling *some people might complain that they are special forces and have no place in squad (not true they are special operations capable but not SF) Rangers history and background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/75th_Ranger_Regiment_(United_States) Visual references: http://i.imgur.com/aogbOfR.jpg http://i45.tinypic.com/21ct374.jpg http://thelaymansperch.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/SOF0401.png Please leave feedback or further suggestions