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Found 42 results

  1. Could we maybe get a UI on the map of any numerical indicator of actual alive players, of your team. (not visible to enemy). Might be a good way of encouraging players to stay alive. Red, Yellow, Green indication 10/40, 20/40, 35/40. Think a lot of players don't realise how being down gives the enemy a massive advantage, and drain on your side.
  2. Implementing a feature that focuses the map on a squadmate when you click their name in the squad menu. This would be useful for Squad Leaders aswell as easier, faster squad communication. Great game though, keep it up!
  3. ...to those who don't have Full HD+ display.
  4. I know that vehicles are 5 miles down the development path, but I have a suggestion for controls of the turrets. Dont enable turret gunners to control the turret with a mouse. I've played my share of BF2/3 and having that DPI adjust can really be useful in combat, but its so far from realistic its painful. Those 2 ton armored turrets are spun by regulated stepper motors. They have very fixed maximum turning speeds. This is difficult to regulate when you allow mouse input. Mouse input for guns make sense because you move small-arms with your hands directly.Arrowkeys/Numpad make sense for a tank turret because there are exactly 2 planes of motion. Yaw and pitch.A modifier for motor movement for trim-adjust (fine) would assist in exacting your aim.A keystroke is a binary input and is equivalent across all keyboards.I think facilitating the capacity for 360-noscope-turret-shots will be endorsing less calculated play for tanks, especially in urban environments when tanks are at a de-facto disadvantage for maneuvering. This disadvantage should be a crucial mechanic of the game, and preventing this is a good way to help that reality be reasonably approximated. Source Material for Consideration: Turret Turning Turret Turning Turret Cockpit/Controls
  5. Resolution/UI problem

    Is there a UI scaling of some sort? my default resolution is 1280x1024 at the moment (using a different monitor, main one died on me) And when I go in game my squad list is cut off so I can't kick or promote someone else to squad lead. Heres an image of the problem.
  6. I cant tell you the amount of times i die due to an enemy being covered up by a players name tag, especially when that player is dead and the enemy is on top or next to him. Now I get why they are there, sometimes you need to know someones name to call out to them. And noobs will probably tk a lot more without them. However for someone who knows what they are doing, having name tags show up any further than like 10m is a serious hindrance and i wish so much i could either disable them all together or change the distance at which they show like rising storm 2 let's you. Any chance we will see this? Should be possible as its possible with UE3 at least and should not require any further processing like the ray casting version we used to have. Seems like the best middle ground to me.
  7. In-Game UI

    The UI is slick but still has a couple clunky bits, namely thus: The score board and (and squad ui) are under the map on some resolutions, mine (1680x1050, 16:10) is also affected. An easy fix would be changing the Z-index (or whatever it is) so that the squad ui is always on top for role and members. The map can be at the bottom of the index because we have a button dedicated for it. The end of round is worse, the next map is cut off along with some of the scores. Maps - the grids used to be vivid and made for quick marking but now the lines blend into the terrain really well making quick adjustments and spanning the map a pain. Lastly, have the point of the mark where we click if at all possible. (ie arrow points to where cursor was, tip of shovel where cursor was. Helmet and other marks should remain centered, or be given a thin chevron that points to the cursor's location. Just quality of life precision. One other thing: Keeping kits when they're no longer available should be dealt with. As it sits, a squad can have a HAT and they can keep it for the rest of the game despite not having enough players (either in the squad or the team) to keep it. Same thing with other kits, some squads get 4 MGs, 4 Medics, etc..
  8. How about a newbie setting that shows when any tickets are lost and how it effects on the screen. An option that maybe admin could enable and an option to disable in your settings. So when you start out you see reports like admin message with team kills. Stryker Destroyed your team loses 24 tickets. 470 remain. FOB removed 20 tkts lost. 450 remain. Teamkilled lose 1 ticket. Being aware of ticket system might help with asset waste. Of course pro's will turn it off.
  9. Main Menu Deployment More stuff: ArtStation page. Older concepts - v4: Older concepts - v3: Older concepts - v2: Older concepts - v1:
  10. There had been an change fortification/defenses building circle tracker and I felt it was harder to navigate than before ( I believe i am comparing v9.3 to 9.4) Didnt want to comment until i played enough , but i still feel its hard to navigate the main sections, or not as intuitive as before. I do admit with more constructables , UI space is valuable and it is very hard to fit everything into a space while making it user friendly I was wondering if we could group things like sandbags into one component , then press a button or two to alternative between them. So for sandbags , all of them would be under one category, you click it , it shows the standard one. Then you can press Q and E choose different variations. And the construction system remembers your selection for that component ,so if you want to keep building hesco blocks , you dont need to keep pressing the button to get to it. Alternatively we can also use the mouse wheel. With this system ,we can also add more variation for sandbags for example so we can have higher or lower stacks and individual stacks for windows for example. Perhaps a last-built component will be good too , cause with multiple categories , we have to filter back through them to build the same thing again. Or a button for building multiple/ showing the last built component green-shadow-ghost--thingy
  11. UI Problem

    Im using resolution 1280x1024 (5:4) and having little issues with reading score tab, final score tab, and squad roles (as SL).
  12. When you quickly switch between the roles in the resupply boxes, the text can get stuck and not change. In the example below I switched between the M4A1 + OPTIC to the M4A1 + Red Dot Sight and as you can see the text is still the M4A1 + OPTIC. A very minor bug I know but nonetheless.
  13. Could we change the bleed flag indicator (first flag that causes bleed), so it's obvious that it got some significance to that flag. How about a nice Hexigon .
  14. With the present scoreboard would it be possible to have a collapsed scoreboard. So all other squads only show their total score but yours shows your squad members. For at the present half the players are hidden and have to be scrolled down. Maybe arrow to expand all if needed.
  15. I couldn't find this in search, and it wouldn't surprise me; while 4:3 monitors are rare, some of us do indeed still use it, and unfortunately the GUI is not made well to facilitate this. The most egregious example is that the map overlaps with the squad interface, which is especially problematic for squad leaders as you're unable to promote people to SL or kick them. Here's an example of what I see in a training session; note that my own squad entry is underneath the map: Redesigning the GUI just for 4:3 would be pretty expensive in time. But there's an easy fix: allow us to hide the map while still having the Spawn Screen open, so that we can at least manage squads even if we have to hide the map. This could be done either with an X button on the map, or just hiding the map when we push the map button while having the spawn/squad screen open.
  16. Hi, i have a problem, when i run squad game UI i just broken, Thats how it look in fullscreen: Like you see Exit is cutout. And on borderless: Taskbar is shown. Its moar funny in the game, when you cant click on point to chose spawn point and other stuff. And other fun thing, when you change options, and map change you got texture of settings menu and cant do antyhing, you can only recconect to the server. https://plays.tv/video/5862d184b4a64ae86a/squad-settings-bug
  17. From what i had played, and excuse me if this had already been changed, but selecting weapons with the scroll wheel sometimes kicks you off after a timer and can lead you to select the wrong weapon/item, which could have bad results if an armoured vehicle was coming up the road and you pulled the HE rocket instead of the AP one. This can cause problems with some newer/slower players who might need to have a longer look through the menu to identify the item they want to select. My suggestion to change this, is to keep the menu permanently up until the left mouse or other select items are pressed, wherein the equipped item would swap to the one you had selected. If in a situation of panic, holding the right mouse button would both cancel the menu and also allow a player to aim down sights without major penalty. Waiting to hear what you think of my minor suggestion~
  18. Team auto-assigning

    Now, when player joins the game, he is automatically assigned to one of the teams, so he has access to teams map, squads and assets location and etc. Which may not be good, in case if player wants to play on the other team (like, if he joins the game and sees his friends on the other team). Thus, he may accidentally compromise his first team key assets like fobs, rallies, caches, etc. And IMO auto-assignment feels like some legacy from Battlefield. I was planning to make a mod which also relies on some kind of asset, that should not be revealed to the enemy for as long as possible. And I'm thinking to make flow, when player on joining server is not assigned to the team, and can only see list of player names on each team. So he decides which team he wants to play initially. So the questions are, is it planned to make this kind of flow above in vanilla game? Or is it possible to override it in SDK? Also, feel free to bring up pros and cons of auto-assignment, which I haven't touched
  19. Since we have the ability to reload non-empty magazines and place them in a reserve pouch, it would be useful to have some sort of indication of which magazine you currently have loaded on your mag counter hud. This could be in the shape of either a minimalistic white arrow pointing to whichever is loaded or some other sort of indication. While it is pretty easy to tell what mag you're using after the third or so tactical reload, once you've been alive for awhile your entire ammo HUD turns into a rainbow and you don't know whether you're on the red or green.
  20. I saw a lot of FOB construction threads, but none quite as specific as this. As part of making the game a little less harsh on new players I feel that e-tool feedback needs a lot of improvement. The problem is that it's difficult to tell exactly what the e-tool is for, and how to use it. There's no real explanation as to what left and right click do, and where you need to aim at something to start digging; this can be the difference between your squad digging up an enemy FOB or not. GUI elements that indicate structures when 1) in close proximity and 2) having the e-tool out would be quite nice, as well as progress bars that hover over specific objects so you can be certain what you're digging up. This would also help new players when aiding construction of FOBs. Differentiating what left and right click do can be done as easily as putting their functions on the "Quick start screen" shown while loading; telling players that left click builds and right click debuilds. At least, I assume that's what they do, I'm still not that clear on what they do myself!
  21. As it stands, current server browser is cumbersome to most casual players who may not own reserved slots on servers. The process of having to see 64/72 players in a server, attempting to connect, waiting to load, then getting booted back to home menu only to refresh servers again adds a level of frustration/tedium that could be avoided. I would suggest changing the client server browser so that it will show the number of reserved slots, and also have an option to prevent connection attempts for those who know they do not have reserved slots on any server. This would greatly reduce the amount of tries and time spent trying to connect to a well populated server with some ostensibly free slots. Some context/about me: I would consider myself a casual player with some experience in military simulation games like Arma 3. At times I find I launch Squad and try for maybe 10 to 15 minutes to connect to well populated servers while catching up with email or other simple tasks. Some days I do not find a suitable server in that amount of time and end up doing other things (be it gaming or just non-computer related stuff). I do like the squad community, though, compared to a lot of other games. So when I don't play Squad I usually don't play anything else for that computer session.
  22. Menu stuck

    Hi guys, can someone get resolved to this problem ? 5 - 10 minutes and i'm stuck in game because i see only menu and game in background ... In all game, i try 10 - 15 servers, always be same, 5 - 10 minutes and i must disconnect ... some screenshoot: http://imageshack.com/a/img923/1623/tXSFFS.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img924/4145/oCXlYr.jpg imageshack.us/a/img923/3963/wqXcmo.jpg
  23. stuck at ammo box menu

    how do u get this off ur screen...i cant do anything i seriously had to force stop the game ... like cmon how can u get a patch out without fixing this things... dont u have any1 to test this?
  24. UI on downed players

    I am shore that somebody brought this up, but couldn't find that thread. Like always my suggestions shouldn't be a excuse to change anything else than the initial suggestion. My suggestion is simple, make every class aware that a friendly got downed not just the medic. Each second day I hear that somebody complains that he got downed because he fought that a friendly was covering him when he was actually downed.
  25. V5 Medic UI

    Guys just my two pence, ive had many people that ive played with express negative opinion about the Medic screen, its too cluttered, simple communication should really negate any need for this cluttered ui.