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Found 28 results

  1. It was high time Axton had his tutorial immortalized! Without further ado:
  2. Squad - Infantry School

    Here's an example of a training session in our clan. You might learn something. I know I did...like, you never know when you're being recorded.
  3. I've made a short series of tutorials that tell you everything you need to know (as a basic level) to get your landscape up and running in the squad SDK. I hope to continue this series covering every aspect of creating your map.
  4. Latest Old Hello and welcome to a new video I put together for Squad. It will help new players who are coming into Squad fresh, and even help some of us who have been around since the start of the Squad kickstarter with a few hints and tips. I have tried to keep the information straight forward and helpful, some of the deep mechanics of the game I will do in another video, but for now this video will give you the fundamentals to get in game and know what's happening. The game can be overly complicated for new players, and as we push forward with vehicles and emplacements, getting the core fundamentals and game play basics with infantry will stead you over nicely. If you enjoy this video and found it helpful, let me know and give me your feedback, suggestions for future videos I may make. Thanks for watching. See you on the battlefield. Para.
  5. Sorry about the shitty/grating audio and the awkward presentation, it's late and I'm in a rush. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG8SzjzuBDM
  6. Hello fellow Squaddies, Alpha 9 is finally here and we had some time to play around with the new Assets, Maps like Gorodok and Yehiorvka really want you to use those Goodies as long as possible and everybody gets hyped about the sound when a 30 Milimeter goes off right next to you. Unfortunately with more Assets, there is more Responsibility to them, there is more things to adapt to, new tactics to learn, and different ways of what to do with those Assets. I played with a lot of the new Assets, got some positive Feedback from the Community and just want to share some of my knowledge. All of the following tipps are not the "one and only way" to do it. We are still early in that phase of the Squad, so i ask you to experiment and invent effective ways for Mechanized Squads. I am long time Squadlead and mostly i work with Vehicles as Squadlead. This is a way of using the new vehicles which worked with high effectiveness. This shall not be a big discussion thread, but if you feel like adding tipps just let me know. Anyway. Here we go: Tipps for Squadleaders: 1. Dear Squadleaders, first of all i want you to be aware of one thing. If you claim a Vehicle, YOU are responsible for its use. We are not playing Battlefield, Loose of a Vehicle equals Loose of Tickets. Loose of Tickets equals the loose of a Match. They are strong, really strong if used correctly. But as Spiderman told us, with great power comes great responsibilty. Keep that in Mind. 2. If you choose to claim a Vehicle to go the "Mechanized" Squad route, be aware of the Fact that you should change your Squads purpose to work with the Vehicle. For me personal that means: If you claim a 30 Mil BTR or MTLB, your Squads priority target will be to wreck enemy vehicles. Destroy their Infrastructure, take away their Logis, their Strykers. That means for your Infantery that they are not fighting for themselfs. That means for your Infantery to support your Vehicle against enemy Infantery, protect it, scout for it. You choose a 14.5 Mil BTR ? Well, maybe its not Vehicle Hunting anymore, maybe its more fighting for Flags and be the "Core" Combat Unit of your Team. Different Vehicles for different Jobs. But with a Vehicle Claim you define the JOB of your Squad for this round. And u want to do this Job. 3. Adjust the Rest of your Squads Loadout to complement the Vehicle Choice. Lets take the 30 Milimeter again for example. You got the biggest Bang against any kind of Vehicles already with you. So you gotta prepare your Infantery against those sneaky LAT and HAT Soldiers which will try to come and ruin your Day. You have a NVG MTLB with the juicy Kord on it? Maybe you should make sure to have some LAT with you to fight against Vehicles. 14.5 BTR or Stryker? Maybe one LAT will do and you can take the additional MG to have some additional lead against those mean dudes with their rockets. 4. Everything can be destroyed. But playing safe will always be better then rushing into Flags and loosing your Asset + your whole Squad. I prefer taking 5 Minutes longer to safely reach and conquer the flag over taking 15 seconds to get rekt and loose the Match. As you as SL should already know, not giving up, staying alive and staying in Combat as long as possible, controlling Areas is mostly the best way to have a good round. If you keep your Men close to your Vehicle, you will be able to scout enemy vehicles early, fight AT threats early and the highest survivability will be given. However sometimes the Tandem will just come. At that point you will hopefully have cost the Enemy Team more Tickets then your Vehicle was worth. 5. Giving individual Orders to your Vehicle Crew and Infantery is something you can do. The Binocs and Squadleading Radial Menu (T) are your best friends for it. You are the one who is supposed to know what is going on on the map. For yourself staying close to your Vehicle, Binocing around and help to spot targets of any kind is a good way too make sure you are in the middle of the action and can coordinate stuff. Just not mentioning that if a sniper got you in sight you easily can evade by jumping into the cosy safety of your Stryker. Having those 5 Things in Mind as Squadleader already should help you in succesfully work with vehicles. Anyway the Squadlead is not the guy operating the Machines, therefore the next part is Tipps for Crews: 1. Here the same as for Squadleads. U guys in your Vehicle wield a lot of Power. But ultimately, in 8 out of 10 cases you are the once to blame if your Machine is lost. So act responsible, work with your Squad and listen to your Squadlead. Maybe things will go do wrong time by time, but nobody is perfect and we all - hopefully - learn out of mistakes. 2. Work as a Team, not only with your Squad, but more important as a Crew. That naturally means that you should operate the Assets as a Team. With two persons. Single operation will not work as good as it did in earlier Versions of Squad since there is a lot more threats out there with Alpha 9. The 2 Seconds it will take to switch seats is sometimes the 2 seconds too much. Make sure to communicate properly inside your Vehicle. Use the Local Chat ( at this point some Audio Engineering with the Local Voice and Effect Slider will help) to talk with your Buddy and make sure to have things sorted out. Harmony inside a Crew is important. 3. Drive carefully and thoughtfull. Even with the Introduction of the Offroad Mode (Shift) you can maneuver into Dead Ends or get unluckily stuck. Dont push in unknown territory. Stick to your Infantery and drive their walking Speed if you push together. Another important thing for the Driver is to actually have a safe fallback route. Here too, the 5 seconds it will take you to turn your Craft around might be the 5 seconds the LAT needs to reload. Full reverse is often the better choice. This will be tricky if you operate in Forests so you wanna make sure there is no tree/shack/building/wreck or whatever right behind you. In that regard navigating with the Map is a really handy skill to learn. 4. Even if you feel strong, as before, everything can be destroyed. So do not overcommit. If you have eaten 1 LAT, just engaged with a vehicle, or you are even just low on ammo because u are doing so exceptionaly well, fall back to the next repair station. By playing the style this guide suggests, it means that you and your vehicle are the core purpose of your Squad. So you want to keep it alive. You want to keep it in action and rip the enemies as many tickets as possible. But before you go, let your Squad know that you wont be available for a couple of minutes so they can adapt and hunker down until your return. 5.If you plan to crew a vehicle do NOT take any special Kits. Since you are 2 people your infantery is down to 6 (excluding SL). You want to make sure they have the best equipment possible. An exception might be the Scout Kit for the Driver since a Binoc might come in handy if you are spotting for enemy vehicles. 6. Psychological Warfare. Never forget that your vehicle will have a big influence on the Battlefield. Even if you "just" have a NVG MTLB laying surpressing fire on the Capzone your Squad is engaging. Everybody will see you, everybody will hear you and everybody will fear you. Good side is you can help your Squad just by letting those Cowards pee their pants, bad side is the whole enemy presence will try to take you out asap. Be aware of that. After reading all of that, you should not be confused about the next part. Tipps for Mechanised Squaddies: 1. Of course all the basic rules of Squad Gameplay still apply to you as Mechanised Infantery. Stick to your Squad, Listen to your Squadlead, Communicate, wait for the Medics, stay alive. I guess if you have read up to that part those basic rules should be familiar for you already anyway. 2. So, now you as Squaddie are part of a Mechanised Squad. You better start worshipping that beast. It will provide you with fire power, it will taxi you around, it will destroy those annoying Humvees, Tekkies or even the nasty Sniper which is pinning you down. Your Job is to protect your Baby, to cover its butt of rockets, to be its eyes and ears. Therefore you should try helping to idenftify and neutralize - if possible - threats for your Squads vehicle. 3. Complement your Vehicle. As in the SL section already said, make sure to complement your vehicles purpose. If your Squad is using a 30 Milimeter BTR maybe let the RPG at home and take an RPK with Scope, a Grenade Launcher, and a Marksman. Yes, you are reading correct, i said it. MARKSMEN. That does not mean though that you are allowed to wander off into the wastelands on your own, but it means that a rocket hits your BTR you are the one who did not make that Headshot on that LAT Soldier. Cause your Job as Infantery is mainly to complement and protect your Squads Vehicle. 4. Have in mind that movement is important. Move as a Unit together with your Vehicle. Do not when not necessary. Stamina changes have kicked in and you really do not want to be out of breath when you are crossing a street or run from a grenade. Monitoring the Landsacpe and watching your surroundings is done way easier in slow pace anyway. And its way more enjoyable too if you dont hurry through everything just to get shot. 5. Even if you are the expendable force on foot, your vehicle will be teared apart without you. So make sure to play safe too. Staying alive, even hunkering down for a while and holding your ground while your vehicle might be at the gas station to get you your cigarettes, is often a better choice then rushing into enemy fire to die and respawn. Area controlling and playing smooth and safe will get you to your objective. Alive. In the end i just want to add that all of this are experiences i did in almost 1 Week of Alpha 9 Gameplay. And since i dont want to just do a lot of BLABLA without any proof behind it. Here some cases where we are using different Kinds of Vehicles for different kinds of Jobs on different kind of Maps. Those Gameplay Rounds should underline that this type of Playstyle is not just theory but works effectively in practise too. I excuse myself in advance since all the gameplay is in german and live recorded. Using a NVG MTLB on Fools Road. Good show of Infantery Movement along with the MTLB and the usage of the MTLB as mobile Fireplattform for surpressive and supportive fire Using a 30 Milimeter MTLB on Kohat to attack Malak Abad and kill several enemy Vehicles. And last but not least. Some interesting Gameplay of Militia Squad using BRDMs in Combination with Tekkies for Ambushing and Later doing a Full Armoured Heavy Assault on Village. In the end a little thank you for your attention, and the gentle reminder that this is not supposed to be a Discussion Thread but a Help and a Guideline to a Playstyle with the new Assets. runningDuck out.
  7. Hi, community, finally devs did this section. So first tutorial from me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xivtqusb5bfyl4i/seams_tutor_eng.jpg?dl=0 I should say that my english is not very well, so if you find any mistakes, I will appreciate if you correct me. Thanks. Stay turned, there will be more... after I finally cease to be such a lazy ass Edit: Uh. Yeah. By the way. Check this dude tutorial as well. I was planning to do similar tutorial, but this dude has done it ahead of me. http://polycount.com/discussion/168610/proboolean-dynamesh-hardsurface-workflow-tutorial/p1
  8. Hello. In this tutorial I would like to talk about texel density. If you will work some time in the commercial gaming companies, you will definitely meet this concept in their documentation. And this is no accident, because it is really important aspect of asset production. So what is texel density and why it so important? What is texel density? Before answering this question first of all it is necessary to define what is a texel... From wikipedia: Texel simple language - it is a pixel of the texture. Even if these concepts are similar, but not identical, you can perceive texel the same as the pixel. And a texel density is the number of texels per unit of the squre virtual (game) space. Why texel density is important? It's simple. The higher a texel density, the more detailed the texture on the screen. And the opposite: the less texture density, the more blurred the texture will be on the screen. But that's not all... Game scenes are usually composed of a plurality of objects. And because the games do teams consisting of several people, and because it is difficult to determine the size of your texture relative to other objects this may lead to the fact that each object in the scene will have varying degrees of detail. Here is an example from Internet: As you can see on this picture walls and barrels are more crisp while the texture on the floor is very blurry. That is why it is important that the texel density of the textures should be standardized at least for an environment assets. But above all, it should be said that the texel density is not a mandatory rule. It can vary depending on your needs and possibilities, well at least if you know what you're doing. You can vary texel density inside a single object to distribute texture space proportional to the number of details that you want to show. For example if you doing the vehicle, you can double texel dencity on parts with high dencity of details like steel hawser, or for parts which player will be able to see very close (for example parts of the cabin) and you can decrese texel density for parts which is gonna be hard to reach for the player (such as the bottom) to save some texture space. Here some examples: And here what you gonna get if you if you do not pay enough attention to this issue: Should we use any software for this? I have met a couple of ways on the internet about how to calculate it manually. But I will not bring this methods here, because it's hard to imagine a person who will do it manually every time. Generally every game company (at least with whom I have worked) has its own piece of software (usually a script) that is measuring the texure density of UV shells that you are selecting. But we are not game company and we need some free solutions for that. And we have some of them for different programs (3ds max, Maya etc.) in the Internet and they are free. I will discuss about one solution for 3ds max (becasue it's harder to find). It's called Advanced UV Normaliser. The problem is that from version 2.0 it's not free. I also heard that TexTools can somehow adjust texel density but I've never tried because I don't like TexTools. Anyway. I've got an old version of Advanced UV Normaliser which you can download here. And here is an official site where you can buy lastest version of this script in case you need it. How to run this script? You can drag & drop it in max viewport. Or u can select it via Scripts>Run Script. What's next? First of all you must decide what value you will be using. And the problem is that it depends on your project. But in today's games (at least in those that I work) I have seen the values of 400-512 pixel per meter (p/m) on average. And if we talk about Unreal, in case of 512 p/m we have to use 2048x2048 texture for square 4x4 meters. That sounds reasonable if you ask me. Because in Unreal one floor is usually 3-4 meters height (link). This mean that I suggest you to use for average texel rate any number between 400 and 512 (Not less than 400 and not higher than 512). However it's you should decide, I did not insist. Next you should set up your units (Unreal using centimeters). Here is a tutorial about how to set up centimeters in Max. Pay attention that you can leave "Generic Units" in "Units Setup" tab and only change system units to centimeters (And I suggest you to do that, because max works more handy in this case). So how do we set texel density for crist sake? Fist of all you should add Unwrap UVW modifier to your model and launch Advanced UV Normaliser. Next you select any UV Shell for that you want to measure. After that In Advanced UV Normaliser interface you select Custom (1.) and set a texture dimentions that you would like to use (2.) and then you press Get Texel Density, after that you will see the result in the Ratio Geom/Pixel section (4.) In our case its 4.1819 pixels per centimeter (400 p/m). If you don't like the number that you get, you can rescale your UV Shells or change texture dimentions untill you get something that you like. And this is basically how you set up texel density. Thats all, thanks for your attention. Any questions? Usefull links: Maya: Texel Density (TD) tutorial Texel Density for game art UE4 - Texel Density
  9. Hello may i download Tutorial series on Youtube and Translate it, make korean subtitle, fix it(old info) and Reupload on my Youtube Channel? I'm Squad player, live in Republic of Korea(South Korea) recently i saw lots of new korean Squaddies (bought Squad in Sale season) but we don't have any korean manuals or tutorials, of course i'm tring to translate lots of wiki pages and old User manual but no other translator in korea, then translate work is very slow i thought we need quick start guide to learn easy Squad, and The Tutorial Series (on youtube) looks good to us before i translate the document guide, they didn't read it, someone talk to me "it's boring feel like reading falcon4.0 manual" so i decided to translate Youtube Tutorial series please allow to me be able to translate tutorial Have a good day, Mandeuk
  10. Even experienced players often are not aware of what they are supposed to do. Squad could use a tutorial in the form of a obstacle course after the Battlefield 2 model. In BF2 if you used a device or vehicle for the first time a voice over would tell you about its proper use and how to operate it.
  11. Hope it helps some of you. Advanced tutorials coming soon.
  12. Ich werde die kommende(n) Woche(n) unsere neuen Video-Tutorials veröffentlichen. Dazu werde ich die Themen in kurze Kapitel aufteilen, um die Themen leichter "bekömmlich" zu machen. Vorallem werde ich Themen beleuchten, die nicht selbstverständlich oder schon zigmal behandelt wurden Folgende Themen kamen mir bisher in den Sinn und werden zeitnah umgesetzt Themen: Karte Lesen Markierungen Sektoren Meldungen Kommunikation Chats & Voice Meldungen Game & Grafik-Settings Toogle für Zielen, Knien, Lehnen Field of View, Anti-Aliasing, Schatten Die "offline" Firing Range Admin Befehle & Kamera Karten Laden Allgemeines zum testen Karten Modi AAS, INS, Skirmish, ITC Aufbau einer Squad Basics Squad-Leader Gefechtsrollen (MG, Grenadier etc.) Medic Karte lesen Rauch Verbände & Medikit Deckung Habe ich etwas vergessen?
  13. Hey there, just wanted to make a quick tutorial on how to get the default Russian Soldier that comes with the SDK into your map. This is geared towards those who have little experience with UE4 or people who just want to get right into testing their map with an armed player without having to tinker around to figure it out. So without further ado, let's get into it! Step one: Open your level and locate the World Settings tab (Bottom Right by default) Step two: Under the Teams Tab, assign both teams to be BP_TeamInfo_RU. (Make sure you assign both teams to be BP_TeamInfo_RU, if you don't, you will sometimes spawn without a weapon, because teams are assigned randomly at start (I think?).) Step three: Under the Game Mode tab, assign the GameMode Override to be BP_GameMode. (You can set it to any of the other game modes such as BP_GameMode_AAS, but seeing as it's just us in the world, BP_GameMode will work fine.) Step five: Still in the GameMode tab, Under Selected GameMode, set Default Pawn Class to BP_Soldier_RUS_riflemen. (This is the created soldier provided in Fool's Road and Logar Valley Example Maps.) You're done! I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial! If you have any questions corrections/suggestions, don't be afraid to speak up! I may decide to do other tutorials on things I find people might find useful, like setting up a US soldier or editing the default soldiers inventory, and creating a usable M4! (Once I have a developed understanding of those things, haha) Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!
  14. I created this a while back, it's a shorter version of the longer 25 min tutorial video I created a while back, not many people got to see it, so I hope it helps anybody new coming in. Enjoy. Para.
  15. What happened the forum it's is now blue!! eyes burning.. Anyway guys I have been squad leading quite a lot last couple of nights and not only been leading my squad but the entire team, the way I have been working seems to keep the squads together and encourage defence as well as attack. While the timer ticks down I speak to the other squad leaders and explain #ParaPiggyBacking™ This how it works, I tell them squad 1 (my squad) will take the first attack marker and STAY on defence until, Squad 2-4 have taken the next attack marker. They are then to STAY on defence until we move up and attack with support from 1 other Squad. The idea behind this is that each squad in turn gets to attack and defend. Currently without ParaPiggyPlay everybody goes off and attacks, leaving nobody to defend. The system has worked perfectly for the last 4 games I have played, with many players saying it kept the squads together and no lone wolfing. And I have to agree it is enjoyable to attack and defend, this system also keeps things clear for the squad leaders, with less BS on the radios. It has been a pleasure again to play squad with this system, try it and see if it works for you. It Piggin works. ps. Guy called 'Worm' was tking and then when booted created his own squad and played music down squad leader radio, he claimed his dad was a dev *rollseyes* so keep a look for this idiot.~ PiggyPara Out.!
  16. SQUAD: How to play as a Rifleman

    Hey guys, Here's another role tutorial for the game! I hope you find it helpful. Enjoy! JC
  17. Another SQUADCAST video from the guys at the UNIT. Enjoy
  18. How to Medic - My first Squad video!

    So I've been playing and really enjoying squad since steam EA, I've spent the past week just solidly playing as a medic as most players seems to not be playing as medic and I have noticed that other medics around me aren't as successful as they could be, So I've decided to make an in-depth video on how to play the role of medic effectively, Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNDZ_c4Edec
  19. SNIPER SQUAD - 10kills In 2 Mins

    Nothing that special but first vid of many to come. Let me know what you guys think.
  20. In today's day and age of social media, forums aren't often talked about in our day to day lives. And, at least in my experience, they tend to be associated with some of the nerdier levels of nerds, when it comes to the people who frequent them. However, forums can be one of the greatest sources of topic-specific information due to how focused they can be about all sorts of things, from vehicles, to firearms -- and mathematics to music history. And in our case, Squad. Not everyone knows how to use forums as well as others, and I'd like to help out. First thing's first: the full search function can be found here. That function of the site comes with a lot of in-depth modifiers you can add to your search in order to get more specific results, and it's fairly self explanatory. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that the search form linked above doesn't see nearly as much use on this website as this infamous big white bar: So in order to assist all of you in becoming better forum users and finding the content you're looking for, I'm putting together this topic to outline some basic guidelines and shortcuts in order to help you better participate in this community of ours. Topic Creation Guidelines Before there were search bars, there were topics. Having a well functioning forum where the search function can be best utilized means creating well-made topics is just as important as knowing how to search for them. You're not going to find anything if there aren't any topics for the search function to filter through. As a topic creator, you want to create your topic with a title that is relevant to your content and concise (short and to the point) so that people can easily see what your topic is about. Tags are also very important. You can add up to 10 of them. If you want your topic to be seen by people searching for content relevant to your topic, you should add tags that are simple, longer than 4 letters, and generally avoid things like spaces. As you can see below, I had a tag with a space in it. 'how to' -- however, I removed that and replaced it with 'tutorial,' which you can see if you look at the tags of this topic. Use common, relevant synonyms for the tags you wish to add that would require spaces. Scrolling through the list of topics created on these forums, it's plain as day that the majority of people don't even add tags. Remember that when you use the search bar, it searches for content in the posts of the topic itself, not just the topic title and tags. Example: If i search the term sniper I get 92 results, and the vast majority of the results are topics that don't even have the word sniper in the title. Through a bit of my own research i've found some interesting quirks about the search bar. When I type: gun restingI get results based only on the word: resting But if i type: 'gun resting' I get results based on both words. However, when I type: recon squadI get results based on both words. I'm not sure why the search function seemingly blocks the word 'gun' unless I put it into quotes or apostrophes. Until this quirk is resolved or clarified, to simply avoid this issue of the search form cutting off your query, put your keywords into quotations or apostrophes. Like this: 'search query'"search query"The important thing to get out of this bit is to remember to not only put solid effort into your searches, but to also make sure you know what the search function is thinking you are asking of it to do. Don't think you can't or won't find what you're looking for -- just invest a little bit of genuine time in looking. Tips: A lot of good information that you are seeking isn't always in an obvious spot. Sometimes devs will comment on a topic with information about something that's only semi-related to the topic's original content. In order to really find good info you may have to do a bit of digging, something most people don't like to do, but it almost always pays off. Make sure you're not mistakingly searching a single topic's content. If you're going to do a search, a good rule of thumb is to click the FORUMS button at the top of the website and then start your search. If you're sitting in The Front Desk section and start a search with the search bar, your search will only sift through the content in The Front Desk. This applies to all other sections of the forums. I hope this helps some of you navigate the forums a bit easier and that you got something out of this.
  21. SQUAD: How to play as a Grenadier

    Hey guys, I absolutely love Squad and have decided to make some tutorial videos covering the roles within a Squad. The first one I have covered is the Grenadier. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  22. Hey Everyone, put together this video over the last couple days. Will do an advanced one later on, let me know if you have any questions!
  23. Hey Guys, made this video to help people out who may be brand new to the game, as it's still very new and in the alpha stage. Let me know if you have any questions, I plan to make more guides and new medic guides as things get added into the game.
  24. Hello, Alot of yesterday i spend teaching players how to play Squad, I had to repeat myself alot, which i didnt mind at all. But late last night (15th dec 2015) i decided to make a video to help people who want to learn how to be a medic. This video is less than 2minutes and 30 seconds. It has 5 easy enough to understand steps to help new players. VIDEO LINK: Please take alook, let me know what you think! Im a backer of squad so ive had the game for 6months now. So i believe i covered everything i could within my short time framed video.. i know i miss tiny things out abit, but the main info is there. -------------------------- Give it a moment of your day, means alot. Maybe ill make more if so - Daruth505