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Found 15 results

  1. In the mid 1990's, the M939 series of trucks were replaced by Oshkosh's MTV. Seeing that the current logistics truck found in game for US forces is the M939, It would be nice to see the game get the more modern version. In game, the new MTV would be functionally the same as its older counterpart but could offer many new variants that could enhance the game. Logistics Truck For the logistics variant of the MTV, a basic MTV with fold down cargo sides could be loaded with stacks of ammunition and supply crates much like the other trucks in game. Transport Truck The transport truck is where the extra varieties come in. One of the things that I have always wanted to see in game is more light vehicle gameplay. On most layers, the transport truck is usually left at main and rarely ever used. In order to increase the viability of light vehicle use, the transport truck could be armed with either a M2 or M240 machinegun allowing the truck to defend itself. The truck could also be added in as an unarmed variant as well as either armored or unarmored types. Squads could then fit into a single vehicle rather than having to split itself into multiple. Would love to hear others ideas on this topic. Criticisms from people who know more on this topic are greatly appreciated!
  2. The British Army needs helicopter support... me thinks the Puma HC2 would be most suitable ^^ Puma HC2: https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircraft/puma-hc2/
  3. How many of you guys are ETS/ATS Guys? That also do Logi runs for the WIN!! You logi guys are the REAL MVP's out there, so how cool would this be?? Working on this side project. @IrOnTaXi, @Merlin email me at nwg.slum@gmail.com when/if you get a chance. I have factory support from Logitech, and Thrustmaster, as well as Fanatec, but they are extremely busy with DD Podium Wheel stuff. Also, the Unreal Bros at Kunos Simulazioni are onboard to help us get this sorted. Stay tuned! Feel free to email me at nwg.slum@gmail.com as I am rarely able to check PM's these days, but I do eventually read EVERY SINGLE EMAIL Keep up the great freaking work too guys, you are truly the best there is. At least that I know of haha. Squad is really freaking awesome. Even in it's infancy it is still miles ahead of Battlefield, Call of Doodie, ARMA, and all the other "Battlefield Type" titles, all things considered. And, the potential is sooooo EPIC.
  4. BF1 had horses how about having horses for the insurgency for bigger maps. Give them are real afgan feel.
  5. Movement Lines On Map

    Now I know there have been a lot of threads posted about waypoints or more marker options for squad leaders or even for them to be available to the rest of the squad members but what I have in mind is a bit different what I want is for squad leaders to be able to draw lines on the map. Now, this would mostly be for the purpose of better coordination and organisation especially in the opening few minutes of the match to ensure everyone is on the right page as to where they are going as quite often the first few moments are the most crucial. However, I know the standard objections that this would be abused and who would see what exactly would it be all squads or just your own, I would have it that only the squad leader can draw it for their own squad (I mean they are trusted to act responsibly for other important core gameplay aspects such as spawning so why not this) and maybe a secondary feature in the same way you have squad chat and squad leader chat to be able to set different lines that all squad leaders could see and maybe have an option to change the colour of the lines so you know which line people are talking about. But honestly I would happy with just it being limited to a squad only feature as opposed to being squad and squad leaders, however, of course, it is up to the developers. And again, in the same way, offensive symbols drawn with these lines could be punished in the same way that other players can report others for toxic behaviour in the in-game chats, for example, using offensive language. Overall, I think this will be worth the time as it will greatly expand a squad leaders ability to communicate and organise with his squad members (and I don't know much if anything about game developing) and as these are just lines on the map that already include placable markers I would not think that this would require too much effort to implement this into the game, but I just hope that the idea is at the very least considered. Thank You For a brilliant game
  6. ive noticed that damage through techie windows has been removed and or greatly reduced i believe this gives the techies a huge advantage and those are they are faster than the vehicles that the ru and Americans have there are way more techies per team than Humvee or Armour and so what i would like to see added is 3 shot window that shatters after the third shot allowing you to do direct damage to the cab occupants of techie trucks i believe this is fair as it would not be a complete death sentence trying to sneak out in a logi or similar. i would also expect this to be implemented on the larger trucks aswell. or perhaps if that is to much work in coding perhaps maybe 33.3% damage so it would be 9 body shots or 3 headshots to kill occupants either or but the bullet proof techie windows are op i have literally put 20 rounds into a guy through the windshield to no avail and honestlly that was my favorite part or squad was the epic vehicle head shots sorry for the ramble but please seriously consider this
  7. Air Vehicles

    Will there be Air Vehicles like Blackhawks, AC-130s and A-10s later in the builds? Thanks!
  8. The reason I mention this is because I play Project Reality as well, the father of Squad, and a good indication of where the game is heading. In PR there are dedicated roles, this brings another dimension to game play, I know we are still in Alpha but is it time to introduce class based roles. In PR there are dedicated roles for things like drivers, tank crew, pilots, logistics, and people are 100% focused on those roles. Want to fly a helo? then you need the pilots class, no other person can fly the helo. People set up squads pre-round and name them as such. APC Transport INF - Infantry Armour Air Combat Helo There is also an aspect to gameplay that we don't quite have as yet, engine warming, and turrets and gunners cannot fire for a good while. In fact many vehicles do not spawn in for about 10 mins into the game. Some will agree on this and so won't but it has kept PR alive all these years and the community has a brilliant way of enforcing it's self. Transport for example.. these guys drop inf off on battlefield then drive back to main base and wait for more inf who need a life, same goes for transport helos, this is brilliant and very immersive especially when you see the helos coming back to the aircraft carrier to pick more troops up. Dedicated driver roles for squad could mean no need to ask for squad leaders to give, small pre set squad size of say 4 for drivers. //Thoughts? .. PS Devs >> We need an aircraft carrier map, rhibs will do for now, small boats to get to shore before helo implementation. -- PPS Devs >> Or an airport and ability to enter hangers and planes.. USMC .. Marines >>
  9. Helicopters

    This may be an ignorant question so I apologize in advance. I was a fan of PR and it is the main reason that led me to buy squad during their kickstarter campaign. I have been really looking forward to helicopters being added to the game. To be honest I have only played the game a small amount since I have had access. But I was wondering if anyone knew when helicopters would be out. Thanks TLDR: When are helos coming?
  10. I would like to suggest a system that allows you to despawn back at main base. One of the main reasons vehicles are not brought back to main base when the squad doesn't need it any more (usually supply truck or transport) is because the driver would have to walk all the way back to the squad and the whole process could take 10 min or more. The alternative is to suicide, but that would cost a ticket, you have a long respawn time and I don't think we want people to suicide just because it's a long walk. Let the player walk up to the main base radio and use the radial manu to despawn without costing a ticket and no respawn time. This way he can spawn on the squad's rally or a near by FOB after completing his mission to secure the vehicle back at the main base.
  11. I've had several rounds where we start at main base with 3 full squads... and there's 2 humvees and 1 logi. Also the armed techies seem to be prioritized over transport vehicles for militia (4 armed techies, 1 techie, 1 logi), and considering it takes a lot more skill and tactical awareness to use the armed techies they just die and turn into a bunch of wasted tickets. Long story short, it turns into a high tension scenarios for all squads involved while they yell at each other and scramble to claim vehicles (possibly resulting in TKing or making it harder for some of the more immature players to work together until they finally get over it)
  12. So since I know for sure that there will be no entering or exiting vehicle animations, however for helicopters I think there should be some depth to exiting and entering transport choppers such as a Chinook, mi8 or just. By this I mean that instead of going up next to a Chinook, pressing E and popping into a chopper magically. Instead I think you should have to run up the back ramp of the chopper and go up to a sit and then press it so you pop in the seat. There doesn't have to be a animation for you getting in the sea but it makes more sense where you have to run into the chopper to get in this could be done for smaller choppers such as black Hawks or hueys they could basically just jump onto the chopper and press e. Another thing that should be added for heavy transport is the ability to close the back ramps as well as closing the side doors on smaller trans
  13. C-130 DROPSHIP

    Hey guys!! First of all I´m from Spain and my english is not perfect so..Im sorry :( .Well, I was a BF competitive conquest player (I´m tired with BF cuz it became a casual game) and I have hundreds and hundreds of ideas for this awesome game. Let´s start. I saw ur vehicles article https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad/posts/1272444and I think that u can improve it with a C-130 DROPSHIP (Similar to BF3: End Game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo0O-DCQJeo and I have more ideas for the vehicles) How it works: The C-130 spawn on the base airfield and one pilot take and control the plane and then the pilot open the door and then the troops join the aircraft (for example: 16 soldiers (2 squads) and 1 LAV (or tank) or 16 soldiers and 2 cars) when the aircraft takes off the pilot decides where drop the troops and a copilot open or close the door (so the pilot and copilot must stay talking) and use the air-flags. I have more to explain about this topic but it´s too hard to explain without images. Thanks. Ah, important. I´m creating a SQUAD group for spanish players in steam (Alone in this battle you will not survive ;)) You can find it: SQUAD ESP
  14. So in PR you could only have either a Transport or a Logistics truck, but it would be nice with a bit more dynamic system: once a logi is unloaded, it can be used as a transport.