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Found 24 results

  1. killhouse course

    I am working on getting a handle on controlling my character before I enter a battle. I went to the training center and found the killhouse course where all the targets are not set. I crossed the line that says reset course but nothing happens. Is this area meant for a squad and needs a squad leader to reset the targets?
  2. Server Name: I.S.A | Inter Squad Asoc - Event Server Location: Custom Browser Our Discord Server Mission Statement/About-Us I.S.A is committed to providing superior educational and training services to further enhance the Milsim experience by conducting a training boot camp to serve for new players. To grow the Squad community into a globally unified family by fostering a global community based on camaraderie, communication, teamwork, and gamesmanship. We have also been taking on another important task, which is helping other servers seed/populate, We are stronger and less of a niche if we all start considering one another as a Family rather than competitions and we should all know "WHO" the real "Competitions" are by now. It's been a long and brutal ride, we've made numerous mistakes along the way, we're still very new to all this but we're still learning and making improvements along the way. We may not be perfect but we strive to be perfect and learn from our mistakes. "We're here to stay", and we will continue to keep on doing what we do best and together we'll beat other game titles in no time. I.S.A will continue to push the boundary to its very limits and beyond. No matter how difficult, tedious, and/or how many obstacles that we'll encounter, We'll successfully overcome them Together. This is only just the beginning. DarkVLord/King-SnipZin Signing-Out Pssst....IMO Commander(King-SnipZin[Marksman]) + Territorial Mode(My Fav) = OP
  3. please give us an admin command to be able to turn off the Main Base Projectile Protection in other words, to be able to shoot in and out Main Base without having the projectiles destroyed... for practing reasons thx
  4. Aircraft are relatively complicated vehicles to operate compared to land based vehicles. Despite this a lot of new players are attracted to the idea of operating them, but very few of them take the time to read the manual and practise before jumping in on a live server. Helicopters and aircraft in general are vital for a team and losing them due to new players jumping in, crashing them and then leaving the server will take a toll. You have to wait 10-20 minutes for the next one to respawn, you lose X amount of tickets and you lose the ability to resupply and transport squads around the map. If any of you have played Project Reality you already know this happens quite frequently. But now imagine in a game like Squad where even more casual players flow into the game. We should try to avoid the loss of helicopters and aircraft as much as possible. I suggest adding a startup procedure to turn on the engine of the respective aircraft. This startup procedure will be detailed in the manual along with more information on how to operate the aircraft. If a player takes the time to read this section of the manual, in order to turn on the aircraft he will be a lot more likely to actually have practised and know how to use the aircraft. A better alternative would of course be a sort of 'training' system, that won't allow you to operate a vehicle before you've completed some challenges but developing this would require a lot of ressources and time from the developing team. The start up procedure is a lot more cost-efficient for the team. There will still be people who can read up on the start up procedure without having practised operating the aircraft, but it will limit a lot of cases where people just jump straight into the aircraft. I apologize if this has already been suggested, I tried searching but didn't find another thread on the matter.
  5. IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A COMPETITIVE CLAN LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!!!!! COME JUMP ON OUR SERVER AND EVEN JOIN US ON DISCORD. TLR is a friendly community of players that focuses on competitive game play. We are part of every squad competition available at the moment. We are looking for like minded people to join us. We aim to become one of the most feared team in the game. we have trainings every Friday PLEASE COME JOIN AND SEE FOR YOUR SELF.link to our discord: https://discord.gg/sdny63d
  6. THE WAR ACADEMY The War Academy is an institution dedicated to the collection, understanding, and dissemination of all knowledge related to Squad. Our objective is to foster good gameplay within the community, understand and evolve the meta-game in Squad, and to spread this information throughout the Squad community. We provide educational content through our Agoge branch, focusing on live training courses supplemented with visual aides, as well as audio and video content. The Hattusa branch is our administrative and academic branch, focusing on community-wide content and events, the overall administration and growth of the institution, and the archival and dissemination of all our content. Through our Skunkworks branch we organize experimental events that test and push the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding of the game. The War Academy Discord Server - The War Academy Sub-Reddit - The War Academy Steam Group INFORMATION Training Courses: The War Academy organizes numerous training courses covering everything from basic infantry skills to advanced strategy and tactics. Check the schedule for upcoming events. Currently available training courses: Basic Infantry Combat Basic Squad Leading Mentorship Program: The War Academy Mentorship Program allows new players to get in touch with seasoned players for practical training sessions or just leisurely play. More information to come... Squad Leader Rush: The purpose of the Squad Leader Rush is to improve gameplay in a targeted and effective manner. Participants come together and target individual servers, particularly low quality servers, that they join and set up squads in on both teams. In this way, the participants can positively impact the gameplay with likeminded and competent peers who put teamwork and communication as the priority. Squad members joining will experience this elevated level of play and what Squad can actually be, hopefully craving more and expecting more of their team members in the future. Join the Squad Leader Rush Steam Group here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TWASLR Clan Support: The War Academy hereby provides support for players who want to form a group, but don't yet have the ability to host a server, or want organizational support, media support, exposure, and more. The War Academy will provide its own server for training purposes, along a corner on The War Academy Discord Server. If you want to receive this assistance, simply contact Tartantyco on The War Academy Discord Server. Doctrinal Groups: These are groups within The War Academy hierarchy that focus on specific aspect of Squad gameplay, honing their skills, abilities, and understanding of that aspect of Squad. These groups can be dedicated to anything from logistics and infantry to armored warfare and air combat. If you want to establish such a group, contact Tartantyco on The War Academy Discord Server Existing groups: Voltigeurs - Light Reconnaissance Infantry SCHEDULE No events pending.
  7. Squad - Infantry School

    Here's an example of a training session in our clan. You might learn something. I know I did...like, you never know when you're being recorded.
  8. BBC Click had an interesting video about the US using the UE4 engine to train for school shootings. So how much does squad prepare you for battle. 20%/30%. Remember a time when with CS the idea of using children in a shooting game would get you banned. How the world changes. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b095fpzs/click-school-shootings Thought someone might find it interesting. Do like the custom roles.
  9. Bots for Training - WIP

    I've been working on some bots to train against - here's some of my early progress. They only work in a local server, and don't shoot back (yet!).
  10. I'm interested in working on some AI/bots for the purposes of training and tutorial maps. Personally I find it much easier to try and learn the basics offline in a more controlled environment than trying to learn everything online from random players, and making lots of rookie mistakes that affect the gameplay for everyone else. I'm hopeful that it will make it easier for people like me (no experience) to at least hit the ground running with some confidence, and not slow everyone else down. It would also be a good opportunity for the community to shape player behavior - ie encourage good behavior and discourage bad ones. Subjective I know. Anyway, if you have any suggestions for training scenarios or behavior you would like to see in a map, throw it in here. I'm not promising that I'll get it done, but even if I don't hopefully it will help someone else that might be interested (or maybe help the devs?). Also if anyone is interested in making the physical maps, let me know. At this stage I'm thinking very small scenarios, to teach specific skills and tactics, for example: Solo skills: Clearing a building - maybe a single multistory building you need to clear. Teaches entering a room, checking blind spots etcc Moving across the map without being too visible (ie, using cover, no skylining) Basic target practice on moving enemies - up close, and long range. Basic Medic skills - maybe a bunch of downed teammates with bots firing on your position. Squad leader skills (never done it, so no idea what would be needed here!) Vehicle driving / shooting skills Teamwork skills: Following squad leader instructions ("on me" , "defend south", "cover fire", "take Jones and flank left" etc) Clearing a building Cover fire while moving Over to you guys/gals!
  11. Way to train?

    I'm new to the game, and would really like to improve my skills - particularly skills that involve team work, like clearing rooms and suppressing fire. Playing the game is fine, but its always with a random bunch of people and I often find it hard to coordinate with the other squad members. Is there a way to train in the game? If I managed to find a few other players interesting in doing this - is the only way to try and join the same squad on an existing server? Can you make a private server to run drills on?
  12. So play with your mind a little eh, as the title says Lets just say that you got transported or reincarnated or other worlds but much more low tech and your memory intact NOW DONT KILL THE FUN. which is after rome developed their little militia, not legionaires. how will you survived? if you get to be a commander? what training will you put up with your own army. what tactics train special units? and so on?
  13. Hey guys, I have searched the forums and there is no answer that I can find. I want to start a server locally on my machine and host it with clan members for purposes of training. Meaning not a public permeant server but a local training server for a short period of time. In PR there is a way to do so through IP, and since the idea is not to open a permeant server I find it a bit ridicules to rent a server for a few hours. Is there any way to do so like there is in PR? Cheers and sorry the question has been asked already I find it hard to find any topic discussing that.
  14. Tenacity Gaming Community Tenacity is an ever growing community of like minded players who are essentially sick of toxic individuals, Tenacity offers a great community of people who are willing to help if they can, we play many games, such as League of Legends, World of Warships, Squad, Masters of Orion, Space Engineers, Minecraft, Rocket league and many many more. Tenacity hold Regular giveaways on their Curse Server: Tenacity Curse Server And on their Streaming channels: Tenacity TV Tenacity Spartan Command Tenacity Spartan Command Will be representing Tenacity on Squad! Squad Server 80 Slot: [TSC] Tenacity Spartan Command UK/EU - All Welcome Everyone is welcome on our server! Tenacity is an open community with many members that play many games, so no time is needed to dedicate to squad training's. However, if you want to join a Squad to train, practise and compete with other Units in Squad then Apply for TSC, The Spartans are looking for keen leaders willing trainees and hardy soldiers. Apply Here: Spartan Recruitment Chat to the lads on our Curse: Spartan Command Room www.TenacityGaming.com Requirements For Spartans: Age 16+ Working Headset/Mic For Curse and Game Comms Good sense of humour English speaking (UK/EU Server) Able To Attend Training Sessions (Timings on Forums) Application to be placed in Spartan recruitment thread. Requirements to become a member of Tenacity Gaming Community: Age 16+ Working Headset (Curse) Good sense of humour Non Toxic Personality (Be a Decent Human Being) Thankyou for reading Zorodek
  15. Simple: implement the ability to team switch to all available teams and spawn in as Militia and Insurgents. This might not be possible if the two team limit is hardcoded, so an alternative would just to implement an alternative menu option for irregular firing ranges. This seems like a really basic suggestion but I couldn't find it using search, so if it's already on the roadmap I apologize.
  16. Hi all, We're running a training server and we would like to know if there is a way for SuperAdmin to increase via Console Command the supplypoint. We would like to use this feature for our training session. Thanks in advance.
  17. Driving Training

    At the fighting honey badgers, we take ourselves very seriously. Putting our hopeful initiates through hell and back, in a attempt of creating the most divisive fighting force known to man and badger alike. This carries over to our recently found driving skills, where we execute precise, coordinated maneuvers. (as seen below) We take ourselves very seriously.... http://gph.is/2b4Cdg0
  18. I hope I can get some attention to this and that there are more who find this interesting. Every week I run practice with the 7`th Cavalry on our training server, to keep things interesting I have created a drill in the CQB area and in the outside rocky area. The drill is aptly named by a participant "save the lady" where we place a civilian in the centre. The objective for both teams is to "tag" and escort the civilian to safety. This is only a part of the exercise but also the major issue, the civilian must wear the same uniform as one of the teams resulting in albeit hilarious situations a lot of civilian deaths. If we could have access to all factions in Jensen`s range we would have much more flexibility to create fun drills and practices. It would also add the possibility of testing out all the factions on the range. My hope is that you see this as a valuable addition and that it`s not too difficult to implement.
  19. DIY CQB in Squad

    As follow up to my last video (HERE) (specially for you @DoctorSnailer with voice this time) I made this DIY CQB. I thought its a good idea to practice alone and build your own scenarios as you want them. Facilities are there - it took me 15 min to build what you see on video. Apologies for poor sound, still trying to figure out this mic setup
  20. I thought it may be useful to someone. Pro players use techniques similar to these in CSGO. Why doing warm up? Its mainly for CQB - quickly changing target and always being on target.
  21. Insurgent/miltia kit avalible in Range

    Just wondering is there is or will be access to other factions kits for the training range? Without them you don't get access to the AKM, AMD and RPK family for training.
  22. (Also posted on steam) TL;DR, Make a leveling system based on your squadmate's review of your teamwork in order to buy classes/specializations. So, my current issue with the game is this: when you join a squad, because of the new players, you consistently have one guy using a class that he/she doesn't understand yet(A squad lead who doesn't communicate/drop RPs, a medic that doesn't heal, etc), and when vehicles come along, I'd hate to imagine the chopper pilot who thinks walls make good helipads or the IFV that likes to sit in the open and get a face full of RPGs. So, my idea is to impliment a leveling system designed as a skill tree. You start as a recruit, and at the end of the match(while waiting forever for the next round to start), your squaddies can opt in to fill a quick checkbox for each player(Communicated with the team, followed orders, stayed with the group, etc). Every checkmark you get shows that you're better at the game, and can use the points gained to unlock teers of classes, like optics riffleman which becomes a marksman, or a AT soldier that becomes a grenadier, etc. Vehicles would be done similarly. You unlock the "heli" teer 1, which allows you to be a gunner for a blackhawk or attack chopper, then pilot of a scout or transport heli, and finally an attack chopper pilot. Hummvee gunner/driver becomes IFV gunner becomes IFV driver becomes tanks or whatever. Each teer starts off with a buy in value, which is higher for those classes/vehicles that require more skill. And to one-up that idea, maybe after you buy into a teer tree, you need to complete a tutorial. For example, a marksman tutorial that explains that you WILL die if you are in the middle of the fight instead of on an elevated position, and that you need to move position every kill or two. Another example would be for AT soldiers, which explains that tanks need to be flanked and hit from the side(preferably under the turret axis) or from behind near the engine, and that RPGs fly like bananas instead of bullets and that AT4 rockets drop off like they have ED. The point is, it not only gives an endgame objective that isn't linear(get grenadier at level 4, hummer driver at 6, etc), but also pushes people to play the game as a team to get those checkmarks, and reserves specialized roles for those that would be better suited for them, because they've worked on learning the playstyles. Thoughts/comments/additions? ~Aedene
  23. Training server

    Hey guys! Happy to be part of the Squad Alpha, and playing with great team mates, squad Leads, and challenging enemies (when I'm not dealing with LoneWolfs, script kids, or com abusers) So I posted a few questions in the Squad SubReddit, and one person suggested that I put my post on the official forums. So here is a copy of that post. Thanks for your time! And thanks for such an intense and thrilling game! "A couple questions about the range. -Will there be a time when we can connect with friends in the range? -Will there be an AI "clearing" area to practice on, for people that would like to casually jump in and just take on some bots? -And, Does anyone else think the idea of a dedicated training server would be cool? Like a server with some experienced players (that obviously find fun in helping and teaching), showing new players, techniques that could be useful like: correct communication, cqc tactics and so on. Not only could it be extremely useful for inexperienced, and willing to learn players, but it could be a fun time for all involved. It could be cool to go in and run a few clearings with a red vs blue team, teach people about team work, and get people pumped to get into a real battle after more chilled out courses. I know there isn't much to do with it now, but it could be useful for new players, and help them get into the right mind set. And as more features, functions, vehicles and, animations get added, there will be more to learn and utilize. I came from Arma 2/3, and when I tried to jump into an ACE server with experienced players, I had no idea how to use things, how to read things, and just watching some YouTube videos was boring as fuuucccck. By the time I got to using it, I forgot most of what I learned... but through this training server, you can run through it in practice, ask questions, and learn to play the game better. The server could be 'must to sign up for', or even just a recruitment for a cpl teams. I know it might sound stupid, but I would like to hear some opinions and ideas. And you're going to be rude, don't waste your time please. I'm looking for a discussion, not an argument."
  24. I would like to see something for the huge amount of the incoming player to be able to face the game and learn new features all the time on a training ground with training statics all the time. Ex. You're a new comer? Let me put you to training map with a group of newbies to learn together for the first 5 hours. That would push up the level of the game so bad