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Found 18 results

  1. Currently, infantry ticket costs are paid when an incapacitated player gives up or when instant death or occurs. Suggestion: Remove a ticket on incapacitation or instant death, but refund it when a player is revived. I think the "don't give up, guys!" meta at the very end of a close round is cheesy. On pub servers after close matches, you'll always suspect that maybe you only lost/won, because some people gave up unnecessarily early and in both pub and competitive matches it creates a very anticlimactic ending of about 2-4 minutes where nothing much happens, incapacitating enemies does not matter (because they won't bleed out before the end of the match) and everyone mostly waits to see whose team bleeds out earlier. Associating costs with getting incapped aligns the game mode rules much better with the natural incentives the game provides (staying alive), removes some minor but unnecessary complexity from the mode and keeps up the normal pace of combat until the very end. I get that there's the possibility that you revive a whole lot of people towards the end of the round and make a comeback which would be lost here. The only implication though, would be to stay on top of reviving people and keep up a *team* fight rather than converging towards last man standing, which is an acceptable change IMO.
  2. would be cool if it counted up the amount of tickets you or your squad cost the enemy. by destroying vehicles, radios, infantry etc.
  3. ticket count in AAS too high

    in AAS with ticket counts around 300 tickets the games can be extremely long and there is less of a sense of strategy. i can play squad for many many hours but sitting 2 hours through a scrappy 300 ticket AAS game is a non pleasant experience even if we win. i however have played an AAS game which started with 150 tickets, it obviously ended sooner but it was a pretty good game in a reasonable amount of time.
  4. Ticket count

    Right now the game doesn't really cause players to wait for a medic if only loosing 1 ticket. I was thinking maybe have so if you bleed out you loose 1 ticket but if you dont wait and respawn straight away you will loose more tickets lets say 3. just thinking of a way the players will play more tactical.
  5. Medic mechanic overhaul!

    With the eventual overhaul of a more in depth medic game play and the dragging mechanic, the following proposal could not only compliment the changes but add a simple and further emphasis on rewarding teamwork and SL decisions in the heat of a skirmish. I will break them down below! How it works: Players will be categorized into two sections, only a medic can see the state of a player (or player model). These two states are as follows A. Incapacitated (current "downed" system with live player waiting for a medic) B. Critical (player is no longer live, but player model is a valuable target [read full article to see why and how]) Section 1: Systems defining the state of a player A: Causes for incapacitated state Low caliber hits & frag rounds to the body & or multiple hits to the limbs B: Causes for Critical state High caliber hits to the body & low caliber hits to the head (high caliber hits to the head = deceased as per current system) Section 2: Rules for each player state A. Incapacitated Player screen: Incapacitated players go through the same process as they do now, dimmed screen waiting for a revive. Players who press Respawn cause their player model to go into Critical (Their RESPAWN timer is NOT affected) Bleedout to deceased state as per current system B. Critical Players placed in Critical go to respawn screen. Respawn timer +20 from current system Medics who bandage the Critical player model cut down that player Respawn timer in half! Medics who bandage the Critical player model put it into a Stabilized state Stabilized player models have the current bleedout timer increased (for survival gameplay purposes; more on this later) Once the bleedout timer expires, the Critical player models changes over to deceased Section 3: Special Buildings required for game play in further sections A special building is required at a FOB for the two types of systems to be in play. They are the following: 1. A medic station 2. An intel radio (must be manned by a live player) More on this later Section 4: Friendly Critical players gameplay Friendly Critical player models are important and require a medic (and possibly other dedicated players for super efficient transportation) Rules for mechanics to be in effect: A special building (medic station) is required at a FOB for this mechanic to be in play (if it disappears or is dug up, the mechanic will not work) Critical player models may be brought back to MAIN BASE For every # (X) Critical player models brought back to MAIN BASE 1 ticket is refunded (rewarded) Section 5: Enemy Critical players gameplay While some squads may make it a priority to rescue critical player models, the enemy may too. These will be broken down into two sections (C & E) Note: X means up to the devs/community for balance reasons Rules for C: Reduce enemy tickets A special building (intel radio) is required at a FOB for this mechanic to be in play (if it disappears or is dug up, the mechanic will not work) special building does NOT HAVE TO BE MANNED by a live player ENEMY Critical player models may be brought back to your MAIN BASE For every # (X) Critical player models brought back to your MAIN BASE; enemy team has 1 ticket lost Rules for D: intel on the enemy a special building (intel radio) must be manned for this mechanic to be in play (for reasons below) For every X Critical ENEMY player model brought back to your MAIN BASE; the following situation happens The live player manning the special building receives the general location (the SAME current system used for CACHES in Insurgency mode) in YELLOW on their map and their map only The live player will then use these general locations to relay to their SQUAD LEADER and/or local VOIP (was placed for balance but removed due to a good point) If the special building is not manned or is removed; the map locators are wiped If the special building is rebuilt, it is a blank slate and the number and revealings of critical bodies continues (see below) The number and revealings of Critical bodies brought to your main are as follows: 1. 5(or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy SL 2. 10 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy SL rally point 3. 15 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy vehicle in use 4. 20 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy HAB /FOB Radio 5. After 20 (or final X) Critical brought to main = rolls over and resets back to step 1. Section 6: Rules for vehicles Vehicles may pick up Critical player models Vehicles may only carry 1/2 of their normal live player seats Empty vehicles with Critical player models can have them removed (or rescued) by a player using the "use button" (to place the player model into a dragging state or just next to the vehicle The proposed system would not only place emphasis on the medic class but also add an additional layer of gameplay for both sides. If played correctly by one side through coordiated teamwork, they can receive a great advantage over the enemy. Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions, I will happily update if this discussion evolves! Best, Gz
  6. At the present we have a single pool for all assets for a map, (approx 500 ) maybe we should have a separate armour pool. So the devs/players decide what would be a fair amount of armour on a map. 50% - 75% of the tickets this would allow @10 -15 units worth of armoured asset on a field before running out of any armour. (still keep respawn timers.) Only crewman costs should come off infantry deaths. Transported troops should if killed should come off infantry ticket stack as not to promote the ideal of not transporting people is a safer way of conserving tickets, maybe even have them not count as ticket loss while being transported. Extra reason to have mechanised transported troops. The armour tickets shouldn't be effected by flag loss, fob loss in the same regard if you lose all your infantry tickets you still lose the game. How would that looks maybe Infantry 500 armour 250. Maybe later when commander comes they would be able to change the ration by a percentage. 10% -20% infantry 550 armour 200. People might say well people will drop after losing the armour the respawn timer means you should be able to figure out for at least more than an hour.
  7. Question about tickets

    Correct me if I´m wrong, is it 1 ticket for downed player and 1 ticket for bleedout /give up? Because I heard somebody saying that it was 0 for downed, 2 for bleedout / give up. I personally do think that 0/2 is much better and in increases the reward for tactics and teamwork. But I had to terms with it even in PR when they changed it, just...well...because. I just wanted to have that one clear. Thanks!
  8. Show tickets left in game browser

    I have a suggestion. Show tickets left in the game browser selection screen. That way you don't have to join the map you've been waiting for 5 min, only to realize it has only 2 tickets left and the next map is not the one you like. Would be most appreciated.
  9. I think that the ticket system is severely flawed, and the fact know one seems to understand how it works makes things even worse. What people need to realize is there is no way to earn tickets, you can only LOSE them by either dying or losing CPs and FOBs (-10 each). So if a team takes an enemy CP, but loses 40 tickets to people dying you can still come out net negative compared to the other team. The only way that capturing CP's becomes truly useful is when you push the enemy all the way back to the last CP, which most likely means you are dominating the other team anyway. The problem is that securing CP's at the cost of lives is NOT worth it. It is much more advantageous to camp the CP and pick off defenders than it is to lose lives trying to secure it yourselves. The game is supposed to be about teamwork and coordination yet neither of these earn your team anything. Every game is decided by the 2-3 guys who get 20+ kills (however they manage to do so) than any amount of strategic movements around the map. As the game currently is, capturing a CP besides the first one (which keeps the enemy from taking it so you don't bleed tickets) is actually a disadvantage because you are now on the hook for defending it or you can lose 10 tickets. I'd say half the matches I play, on team pushes up to the enemy's last CP but loses because they take heavier losses, which is just silly. My suggestion is to lower the amount of starting tickets, but then have each team earn tickets over time by capturing CP's. This makes holding more CP's worth it so long as your team's deaths don't outpace those earned by the CP's.
  10. Hello, It would be great if we could get a ticket setup into the server options. At lesst for INF maps where I personally find that 150 tickets is way too low. 300 would be a minimum for some of them, and sometimes even 450. On some maps, it does not allow to counter attack the opposing team. On some games, some teams can get high kill output. while on some other, if 1 or 2 FOBs are quickly taken, it would kill the game even if we counter attack succesfully. (sorry for my english) cheers
  11. With Insurgency mode how many kills/tickets have to be gained by BLUEFOR for a new cache to appear? Is it stagger or topped so a max of only 2 ever appear. Or if you get enough kills more will more appear for BLUEFOR. ? Also unmanned Technicals are they included in the kills amount? Cheers Happy Gaming
  12. Not sure about you guys but It gets tiring when SLs insist on perpetuating "gamey" tactics like this just to meet the ends of a round. Scenario: My squad goes to defend cap, everyone dies except me, other squad moves in and successfully takes cap back with me while my squad respawns and prepares to back cap. (400 meters from new offensive flag, Chora) SL: "You do know we need you on the frontline, are you new to this game or something?" Me: "Yeah sorry but I survived at the defend flag, i'm working my way over" SL: "You do realize that the optics rifleman is a key part of any squad?" Me "YEAH, I'm moving to cap, I just don't believe in wasting tickets and killing myself to get there faster" *Kicked from squad* (Not sure it would have been faster anyways as I got to cap a minute or two after I got kicked :P) SLs need to understand that this tactic should not be viable not on a server to server basis but through game mechanics (i.e. respawn at main base or increased suicide respawn time from status quo) IMO. When I hop on to play a round or two on the new update I don't want to be hounded for refusing to abuse/exploit the game. I get that this isn't a simulator (and I appreciate that) but I don't think that suicide should be a viable tactic in all but the most dire situations or for resolving unworkable issues (stuck in objects, weapon missing etc.)
  13. SQUAD ► Community Clan Fight Night

    Thanks to all clans who participated: [20r] A|o|K [bVAR] <eUK> [Fox] =FU= =<H.H>= [RedCoats] [RIP] Looking forward to another battle. ;)
  14. I keep a watch on the ticket counter and will take losing a ticket as seriously at the start as when there's a few left. But it could be useful to other players if the ticket counter changed colour to red or moved up a font size when it reaches 50 for example. What do people think?
  15. Is ticket bleed broken?

    The manual states that after all of the flags are held by one team the other team will start bleeding tickets at a rate of one per second. So far in my experience this is not true. Played a match earlier tonight on Fool's Road where we were able to capture all three objectives in about 15 minutes. While I don't mind that the game didn't end pretty much immediately I don't understand why it lasted about a half hour longer. Also experienced this Saturday on Kohat Toi after my team lost all the objectives we suffered from our main being spawn camped for about ten minutes before the match ended. I know, we sucked but thats what happens sometimes when you join a match halfway through and no one else knows how FOBs are made. Anyway, am I just experiencing bugs or was ticket bleed removed or changed?
  16. 1 Ticket Win

    Alrighty, so you could argue that this should be in the media section but if this turns into a discussion then it may belong here ;) Anyways...... Tonight, i had one of the best rounds of squad since the first week of commander package release. We the insurgents took all 5 flags in about 10 minutes only to lose 2 FOBs and get pushed back the middle flag where there was a decent fire fight for awhile with abit of back and forth capping and recapping centre flag. Coming down to the last 18 tickets and just taking the middle flag, i decide as a last ditch effort to push the squad to the 4th flag and try and take it before they recapped ours. This video clip is from the last 2 minutes of the round (nothing special in terms of action) but i still thought id pop this up on the forums as abit of a shout out to the squad members and abit of 'suck shit USA' lol [sL] ChanceBrahh Griff Pray for DeathX Freezer Geezer A$AP-Element Sofajeger (._*Mandeuk MrSp1k3
  17. Ticket system(s)

    Hey Couldn't find topic specific on this. What kind of ticket system would be preferred any ideas and how it is made in PR. I got this idea for AAS mode. Really simple add on, remember this is just idea. Every time team captures enemy AAS base the capturing team get +5 tickets or so. The defeatet team doesn't have bonus nor does loose any tickets for that action. Idea is basicly that if game is going dynamically back and forth it takes longer to end. This system would be kind of accelerator of "do and do not" to both sides. That was that small idea, what is yours.